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    2 Hours Ago
    Booker was already a star caliber player beforehand and had his worst regular season in the past 3-4. Interestingly, neither him nor Ayton made a quantum leap. They added one of the greatest players of all-time (Paul), a quality role player (Crowder), had a young player make a leap (Bridges) and...
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    12 Hours Ago
    The difference is, it was clear then that the Suns had an actual foundation, which is a big part of what attracted Paul (who the Thunder wanted to "do right by") to them in the first place.
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    13 Hours Ago
    I honestly think Djokvoic might be the most underrated athlete of all time. I understood early in his career with too many medical timeouts grating on people but the fact that this far into his career he’s still booed 95% of the time is insane. Such a shame for the GOAT
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    19 Hours Ago
    Scumbag just won't keep catching breaks until they ring. Mitchell continues to tweak his ankle and now Irving is injured. They won't have to play anyone who can punish their "small ball" (must be nice to have four 3 and D shot creating big wings when some teams have zero) lineup nor out...
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    19 Hours Ago
    No, they didn't and as you alluded to, obviously the Cavaliers wouldn't do something that stupid. I don't know what's worse, the majority of fake trades that fail to take into account why it would make sense for the opposing team(s) or this notion that Walker IV and Samanic have sky high...
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    19 Hours Ago
    Kind of. He'll probably be something like the 11th man, but given how rare it is for the top 9-10 on any team to be intact with any consistency, he'll still be in line to play a good amount of minutes. He's a poor rebounder, but as I've said since he was drafted, all these physical tools and...
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    20 Hours Ago
    TimDunkem replied to a thread Mass Effect in Tech Forum
    Already got it on Steam at a slight discount since I had the collection in my library.
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    1 Day Ago
    Just finished Season 5. I get why the flashback scenes were included but they really took me out of the season. I didn't really care for Nucky as a character so seeing his backstory wasn't that interesting. Plus it made every other more interesting storyline feel more rushed since they only had 8...
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  1. Bill Belichick assistants as head coaches
    at least Romeo Crennel was a good DC in New England
  2. My old compadre, what are your expectations for the Lakers this year assuming health and no other roster moves?
  3. Betting the Steelers ML for compensation?
  4. Yup, good thing I did since that bet is the only thing that made the game tolerable
  5. Broncos +3? Brady has absolutely no one to throw to outside of Gronk and is on the road against an elite defense.
  6. Hope you bet Bama, line was a lot closer than I thought but they covered with a classless asshole touchdown at the end of the same
  7. Alabama -14 @ Auburn is the one I'm really confident in (I bet double the amount I normally bet on one game). They've won 4 of their last 5 games by 14 or more, they've won all of their road games by at least 18 points, and Auburn's 6-5 record is inflated due to a weak schedule. The spread would be 20+ points if this wasn't a "rivalry game" with a history of being close.
  8. I like Dallas a lot too, also on the edge about whether or not picking the under (46) is a good bet.

    The Cardinals on the road not covering a > 1 possession spread would normally be a great bet the way they've played down to their competition since the Detroit game, but yeah, SF is too shitty to trust. I teased them +21 last week because Seattle's offense is too mediocre to cover a 21 point spread, but that even came close.

    This is a great week for slaveball since public money always falls for the myth that "rivalry games" favor the underdog. The Alabama Auburn spread is probably 4-7 points closer than it would be if they weren't rivals.
  9. Tampa Bay +3 @ Indy, your thoughts? Even though Indy is 3-0 with Hasselbeck, they won 2 of the 3 games by only 3 points, and I think they're getting way too much credit for beating a mediocre Atlanta team. Tampa will also have all of its weapons back.

    You should start betting on NCAA slaveball. I've gotten killed on the NFL the last 4 weeks or so, but slaveball has kept me afloat. Certain teams can always be counted on to run up the score as much as possible and following the sharp money is a lot more reliable with slaveball.
  10. Da_Suns_Fan
    claiming Wop'toni wasn't terrible at using his bench
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