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    18 Hours Ago
    TD 21 replied to a thread If the Spurs draft 11th in Spurs Forum
    Obviously we don't know the veracity of it, but if true . . . - Not being open to trading Murray makes no sense, nor does DeRozan being a non starter in discussions, or not looking to blow it up (but being open to moving Aldridge, which is contradictory), but as usual ego and inertia wins the...
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    19 Hours Ago
    Who's going to admit otherwise? Not that I think lying per se, but I also don't think he's not signing with them despite the so called cultural fit, if they're in a non glamor market.
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    19 Hours Ago
    James generated more efficient offense for his team (granted, Abdul-Jabbar's prime was mostly pre 3 and it was in it's infancy in his post prime), never played college, was more versatile defensively, only hasn't won more than 4 MVP's because of vote fatigue and has lost all but one of his Finals...
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    1 Day Ago
    Watch the games, look at the impact stats (not the counting ones) and you'll know. I missed when Abdul-Jabbar had to face significantly better teams in all but one of his Finals losses. Never understood why people just spout Finals records, like all paths are equal.
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    1 Day Ago
    TD 21 replied to a thread Clippers: Doc Rivers fired in NBA Forum
    With both your whipping boys gone, who will you blame now? Sure, but they can minimally get a comparable offer from the Bucks (conflicting reports of interest), 76ers or some unknown team. This is probably the last team they want to help. :lmao At thinking that pu pu platter would get them...
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    1 Day Ago
    Every possible path is highly likely to fail when it comes to a championship . . . but the reality is, was and will always be, you generally need a superstar and high end talent period and the highest probability of finding them is at or near the top of a draft (especially in a non glamor market)....
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    It's a load of bullshit.. Blair needs to sit his ass and Splitter needs to play 25 minutes a night at the very least. When is Pop's stubborn ass going to stop managing minutes like he's coaching for the fucking CYO. Wonder if Blair's parents being in charge of the Hi-C's and snacks after the game has something to do with the set CYO rotations.
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    Hey man, Just was wondering what you thought about Pop rocking Splitter to bed on the bench 30 minutes a night? Hopefully whenever Splitter gets through teething Pop will let him play a little bit more. No?
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    Hey chap! What do you think about the possibility of trading for Birdman? BRRRRR!!! What happened to that boi? BRRRRRR!!! What happened to that boi?
  4. Yeah, that's why I made a point of saying I'm not sure if confirmed my view or not. Watching them play just seemed like such a microcosm of the season -- a flash of brilliance and a whole bunch of disjointed underwhelming play -- so that's the part that lead me to believe it had something to do with the lineup. But it'd be disingenuous to dismiss Parker's fall and the four straight free-throws he missed (which between he and Tim was another story).

    Like you said, it's irrelevant now (barring the most unlikely and unheard of sports miracle). I favored the Suns in this series but I didn't see 3-0 coming. You've really got to tip your cap to them. That was an impressive performance on the road when everyone expected a Spurs win. Everyone, that wasn't a delusional Suns fanboy, that is.

    For all the questionable lineups and whatever else anyone wants to point to, it seems pretty clear at this point: The Suns are just a better, more complete team than the Spurs. Simple as that, IMO.
  5. I don't think it was the best move and it's not what I would've done. But upon hearing about it before the game, it's hard to fault a guy who knows his players as well as he does and someone who sides with putting the best players on the court (even if I was skeptical of how exactly he'd massage minutes or the role he'd allow Bonner -- which didn't turn out so bad).

    I don't know for sure if what I saw confirmed my thoughts or if the Parker injury just didn't allow the lineup to succeed and sustain, so I guess we'll never really know for sure; it sure looked familiar, though (that lineup has just never been able to sustain for 48).
  6. Looks like you're gonna get your wish: Parker, Ginobili, Jefferson, 'Dyess and Duncan. Pop's seem to have decided on just putting his best talent out there and living with the result.

    I don't have a problem with it as long as Pop subs it right, doesn't go to a scrub second unit (call me skeptical) and the guys prove capable of playing the minutes, so let's hope for a couple of wins and a reset on the series.
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