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    59 Minutes Ago
    Reck replied to a thread 2020 blue wave in Political Forum
    What's this?
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    8 Hours Ago
    Trump: This vote is an embarrassment for the country Also Trump: I'll do whatever I want. I will have a short or long senate trial. :lol
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    11 Hours Ago
    Oh suddenly Trump getting impeached is gonna be the time where half the country sees the light and goes, you know, that Trump guy sure is a saint. Ima gonna vote for that guy next year. Laughable. If you go by what the link Snakeboy posted, this is split evenly. AKA it doesn't move the needle...
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    12 Hours Ago
    What for? You said he wouldn't get impeached. He's just a few days from officially getting the good ol' (I) next to his name. What happens in the senate is another matter. (removal) But we'll no doubt see each other again November next year and see who's laughing then. Cheers.
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    12 Hours Ago
    Like a bad dream, here I am bumping this for your convenience, Darrin. :lol
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    13 Hours Ago
    Oh no I dont mean the games were "weak" themselves. More like weak competition. I have no doubt RE2 is a great game but GOTY good? It's a re-release in a way and most of us played the original at some point. It's not an original IP like a Sekiro or that piece of shit sleep simulator Death...
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    21 Hours Ago
    Some simp faggot posted a list of leaks in one of these trailer post and I inadvertently read a few. If true this is heading to GOT season 8 territory bad.
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    21 Hours Ago
    Corbyn resigning in total disgrace. He reminds me of Bernie tbh. These bastards have had like 4 elections in a couple of years and still can’t figure out you can’t shove certain people with unique “my way or the highway” type approach down people’s throats without having it backfired.
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    21 Hours Ago
    Congrats. But let’s be honest this years GOTY candidates were weak af. Death Stranding? RE2?
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    21 Hours Ago
    Shit looks like someone double stacked 10 game cubes side by side together. Also surprise Ghost of Tsushima is actually releasing for the PS4.
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    lol broncos

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