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    4 Hours Ago
    Head of firms that pushed 'Italygate' theory falsely claimed VA mansion was her home: report A woman who heads two firms that pushed an election fraud conspiracy theory known as “Italygate” falsely claimed a mansion in Virginia was her home, The Washington Post reported. Michele Roosevelt...
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    4 Hours Ago
    ElNono replied to a thread Junk thread filter in Political Forum
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    7 Hours Ago
    ElNono replied to a thread Junk thread filter in Political Forum
    Heck, this filter has improved the experience here in ST quite a bit, tbh... no more having to separate the good from the bullshit...
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    7 Hours Ago
    ElNono replied to a thread Junk thread filter in Political Forum
    Not sure what you're talking about, tbh (link?)... haven't read or replied to one of his posts in at least a week or two, IIRC.
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    7 Hours Ago
    ElNono replied to a thread Copa America 2021 in Soccer Forum
    Should just suspend the next World Cup in that sub-saharan country and hand it to the winner of Copa America, tbh, IMO, FWIW
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    7 Hours Ago
    ElNono replied to a thread Junk thread filter in Political Forum
    :lol only see 19 threads up front, must be another gaburday night...
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    10 Hours Ago
    Jokic is nothing like Duncan. Duncan lives and breathes basketball, Jokic doesn't really give a shit much and is more interested in horses than basketball. Jokic also had a lot of weight problems in his career. never saw that kind of laziness out of Tim. They couldn't be further apart.
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    11 Hours Ago
    Meh Brooklyn had no chance, no way Harden was going to get healthy playing 45+ minutes every other night. This title is going to come down to how long Leonard and Paul are out.
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    13 Hours Ago
    ElNono replied to a thread lol California in Political Forum
    California Defies Expectations of Doom, Promises Massive Tax Rebate As California approaches the biggest state tax rebate in U.S. history, Bloomberg News co-founder Matthew A. Winkler questions its reputation as a state doomed by over-regulation and high taxes. In fact, California "has no...
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    15 Hours Ago
    Shit would kill me when he'd talk about how the big ol women in San Antonio would be double fisting churros.
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    1 Day Ago
    baseline bum replied to a thread Clippers: How scary good are the Clippers? in NBA Forum
    So were the Clippers trapping hard with quick and aggressive double teams on Mitchell again tonight knowing no one else on the Jazz could beat them like in Game 5? Didn't bother watching since it was obvious Utah wasn't winning this series after that horrible loss.
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    1 Day Ago
    ElNono replied to a thread Copa America 2021 in Soccer Forum
    Good win against the 4st best team in the world, currently... (Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay)...
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  1. Don't sweat it man, if you don't have a recommendation right off hand that you studied and enjoyed.
  2. Damn BB, forgot to answer this a while back. Let me take a look.
  3. Hey man, what's a good book for fluid dynamics? Something at say the Goldstein level, and it's gotta have exercises.
  4. Hey dude, how you doin?
  5. lol....always been partial to Electromagnetics myself!!
  6. Which bitch, son? I like relativity myself tbh

  7. Oh wow, I thought Jackson was the graduate E&M book. What comes next, besides independent research?
  8. Hey man, after having finished Purcell is there any reason to mess around with Griffith's, or can one realistically skip that shit and go straight to Jackson?
  9. I don't know if I have shown you this before, but I remember you asking me about introductions to tensors for your students. This 6 week minicourse on multivariable differential calculus is pretty awesome for introducing total derivatives of functions from R^n to R as tensors.

    It's kind of buggy, but it's like going through a workbook like back in third grade. I think it's a pretty effective way to learn since you're doing problems the whole time.
  10. Nah, I'm studying undergrad QM and first semester graduate GR right now. People on physicsforum recommended I should just jump into the grad level QM using Sakurai since I know group theory, functional analysis, PDE, and so on pretty well, but I think I want to learn it at a not so formal level first. I'm reading Shankar and Gasiorowicz while going along with the 8.04 Quantum Physics I course on OCW.
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