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    18 Hours Ago
    Reck replied to a thread The Mandalorian in The Club
    Theyíre taking it slow because they have a gold mine. Easily can go 7-8 or even 10 seasons. The fact 2 seasons already spun like 3 new shows from within says it all. Theyíve done a great job with the cinematography. Itís my favorite part of the show but yeah, show is a slow burner.
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    18 Hours Ago
    Reck replied to a thread Junk thread filter in Political Forum
    Its not as easy as it sounds. Derp is one thirsty motherfucker. Ignoring him is a task in it on itself. He bugs you, replies, mentions you non stop until you just have to tell him to shut the fuck up. Sometimes you fall for it and end up going a page or two with the retard. Iíve said this...
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    18 Hours Ago
    Reck replied to a thread Sony PoorStation 5 in Tech Forum
    It’s the only way to get one. Bundle to hell and back. I’m glad I got mine like that now. it’s utterly ridiculous you still can’t get one the normal way. I’d say if you still can’t get one, hold off at this point.
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    22 Hours Ago
    Good choice. More bang for your buck, too. Persona 5 is an excellent game but it's a one and done. Nier Automata has replayability for days.
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    1 Day Ago
    Is it me or does the game make spider man act more erratic during the challenge missions? I swear Spidey moves exactly the oposite direction of what I tell it to go to. The drone and bomb challenges are stupid. When in free roam I encounter none of those issues. wtf
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    1 Day Ago
    I'd personally rate the Rocksteady Batman games a notch above this one. It has less side stuff being that they are linear games (Moreso in Arkham Asylum) but you still get plenty of stuff to do. Batman games are harder overall too.
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    1 Day Ago
    I should add that its the bomb ones that are giving me a headache. This game is fun. A completionist dream game. So much to do is actually hard to do the main missions. I'm finding myself sinking most of my play time doing the side stuff. lol
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    1 Day Ago
    High chance of beating the story today. I can understand BBs frustration with the challenges. They’re the worst part of the game. I have yet to manage a silver rating. :lol I assume that’s mostly because I’m still using the base suit with no mods or perks?
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    1 Day Ago
    Derp has been emasculated in the politics forum. Almost everyone has him ghosted. Elnono made a code that hides his shitty threads.:lol
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    1 Day Ago
    Completely agree. I wasn’t fixated on top 5 either. I’m not super hot on moving any of our young players to move up.
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    1 Day Ago
    I get your point. Not really an example of tanking though. If anything it’s more of an example how our team has approached things than it does tanking. As much as I’d love a top 5 pick I think tanking and moving assets to move up isn’t really in our best interest. I’m not opposed to a trade but...
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    1 Day Ago
    Bit of a flawed argument when you move the goal posts from “master class” to simply giving themselves the best possible chance. My whole point is that tanking as a path to long term success has little to know actual examples that have played out like some here seem to think it will. I’m not...
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