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    Russia expelled diplomats who were observing the Navalny protests. A clear message to the smaller governments to not support opposition in Russia.

    Putin is spooked.


    Moscow’s expulsion of three diplomats from EU countries last week prompts a coordinated -for-tat response from Germany, Poland and Sweden.

    Germany, Poland and Sweden have expelled an employee of Russia’s embassy in each country, in a coordinated -for-tat response to Moscow’s expulsion last week of a German, a Polish and a Swedish diplomat.

    The German foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday that Russia’s decision to expel diplomats from European Union countries, including one at the German embassy, “was not justified in any way”.


    ‘Drifting apart’
    Russia’s foreign ministry responded to Monday’s expulsions, saying they were “unjustified and unfriendly”, according to the Interfax news agency.

    It announced its expulsions last week while the EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell was meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Borrell said he learned about the move on social media.

    “The messages sent by Russian authorities during this visit confirmed that Europe and Russia are drifting apart,” Borrell wrote in a blog on his return to Brussels.


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    A severe blow to FrostKing

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