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    - Paulinho looked fantastic tonight. He plays a lot for his ty chinese team, but he still plays and he plays at a position that best suits him.

    - We've seen this numerous times though and Coaches are catching up it seems. Coaches in Asia right now refuse to give consistent minutes to players that might play for a decent club in europe but maybe play like 1 game every two weeks as opposed to 3-4 games every two weeks with an inferior club and inferior league

    - We see this sometimes with South American players too, and pretty much everywhere.

    IIRC used to be about big names. I remeber watching Asian football about 15 years ago and if you played in europe, automatic call up and starting xl

    So does it really matter?

    Would you pick a guy that plays 3-4 games every two weeks over a plethora of guys playing in europe who might be playing off position and less minutes and game?

    Imo, good question for the south American dudes and my gook TDMVPDPOY

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    I mean, the idea is that if you play in Europe you're better.

    But just look at Aguero, he looked terribly out of shape. He plays sure, but his minutes has beem up and down with Man city.

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    Messi would feel like a giant in China

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    lol only league in asia worth talking about is either korean or japan league, their leagues are miles apart from the developing leagues coming up from asia

    china superleague is a load of bs mercenaries who dont equate to , those cashed up rich teams if they were so good hiring these clowns how come club level champions league they havnt won ?

    local guys who continue to play in local leagues who cant get a job overseas will struggle when they play against better compe ion cause they are use to playing against kents

    guys who do their trade overseas in inferior leagues compared to where ur from, is still better cause ur expose to variety of players to go up against...

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    Messi would feel like a giant in China
    And you would be executed for being a got tbh

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    You cannot stay an elite player playing for BS leagues imho especially young players

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    lol, like any skill based game you can't evolve or stay at the top of the ladder without constant opposition. And it's not about raw talent or names, it's about the entire structure of football, including:

    -a proper football federation, not a rat infested corruption happy african/asian/SA house, constantly failing to capitalize on good/decent/excellent talent
    -modern coaching = 99% only in europe. reality sons.
    -proper training and nutrion, not wasting nights pointlessly to impress some random .
    -proper career evolution, form u13->u15->u17->u19->u21->big boys. proper career failure path too, not all talented u17s make it.
    -national tactical consistency, 2-3 tactical systems which should be natural for all players in a nation
    -national representation and interest, bringing people who really represent and want to win for their nation.

    You look at spain and germany and you see that the quality of the process is extremely important, not just the quality of the players. That's why I'm not impressed by a very talented dude stomping weaker opposition just to get cucked when hits the fan, he is just not mentally prepared by his environment and he will fail against quality opposition.

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