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    I'm sorry, Mult...the correct le is -Your Son-...I had my head up my ass. Again, my deepest apologies.

    On Netflix.

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    Your Son
    On Netflix.
    Good show.
    Got a lot of questions.
    Found a site that was giving a lot of info, but my security system said bail, bad news as the site had no SSL cert, malware etc. Other then that not any sites that break it down, at least not that i am finding.

    Ok in random order.
    So that was the son Marcos raping Esther in the car? Rather then being innocent victim of club-gang hoodlums, some one came along and discovered Marco and his buddies pulling a rape train on Esther?

    If so, why was the Dad Jamie so hard on Esther after she gave him the video expose? Because she waited so damn long to show Dad the video? Dad realized if you had shown me the incriminating video a week earlier i probably would not have gone out and among other things just killed a kid. And got that loose cannon wife beating guy killed. The one he hired to rough up those who put his son in a coma.

    Marcos was dating Esther, they broke up and the reason was because Marco suspected she was dating Club Boy the owners son. In reality Esther was eating clam with Marcos sister Sara and wasn't about to reveal that to Marcos?

    Did Dad knife the "right" person, that being the kid Dad knifed in the rest room was indeed the kid who delivered the most vicious blows to his sons head?

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    Ep. 1 is quite a surprise, Mult. I enjoyed it. The tale is a grabber, the family sullen and sad to behold. But the line is reasonable. Even the mother is gorgeous though. The music is outstanding. I'll keep going with it.

    And you're right about the speech alignment, but that really doesn't bother me.
    Just finisher her up.

    Keep your expectation levels low.
    Eps 5 and especially 6 and 7 are just strange. Not sure what they were aiming for, if anything.

    I await your viewership.

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