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    Sporting News Preseason Power Poll
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    Posted: 5 minutes ago

    A look at the NFL teams, from top to bottom, as training camps open:

    1. Denver Broncos
    This team won 10 games a year ago and made some bold moves in the offseason that should pay off.
    2. Seattle Seahawks
    Defensive improvements should make the Seahawks a better team, and they were pretty good a year ago.
    3. New England Patriots :shock
    On paper, they're better than last season's Super Bowl club. But it's almost impossible to repeat no matter how prepared a team is.
    4. Minnesota Vikings
    The defense should be improved enough for this team to take it to the next level in Mike Tice's third year.
    5. Philadelphia Eagles
    A team that has been so close for three straight seasons added two difference-makers but lost some leadership.
    6. Indianapolis Colts
    If the Colts can get home-field advantage in the playoffs, Peyton Manning and Co. are capable of running the table.
    7. Carolina Panthers
    This team was absolute magic last year, but the Super Bowl runner-up will find it difficult to duplicate that success.
    8. Green Bay Packers
    With the incomparable combination of Brett Favre and Ahman Green, pencil in the Packers as automatic contenders.
    9. Baltimore Ravens
    A great running game and a stifling defense is a tremendous combination, but will the passing game improve?
    10. Kansas City Chiefs
    Hiring Gunther Cunningham to run the defense was a great move, but will that be enough?
    11. St. Louis Rams
    The offense should be fantastic, as usual, but the defense might allow as many points as the offense produces.
    12. Tennessee Tians
    As long as Jeff Fisher is the coach and Steve McNair is the quarterback, the ans will be contenders.
    13. Dallas Cowboys
    They passed on some opportunities to improve themselves, but they will remain a tough team to beat in every game.
    14. Washington Redskins
    Could Joe Gibbs have the same kind of impact on the Redskins that Bill Parcells had on the Cowboys a year ago?
    15. Miami Dolphins
    Ricky Williams' loss is a huge blow, but a veteran defense and an easier schedule down the stretch will keep the team in playoff contention.
    16. Atlanta Falcons
    With a healthy, improving Michael Vick and more offensive weapons, the Falcons can't help but contend for the division le.
    17. Cincinnati Bengals
    They are a mystery team because Carson Palmer is their starting quarterback, but they have Jon Kitna to fall back on.
    18. New Orleans Saints
    The offense remains explosive, but the concern is whether the defense will be sufficiently improved to make a difference.
    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Massive changes have made it hard to know what to expect. This team will be unlike any previous one in Tampa.
    20. Jacksonville Jaguars
    In Jack Del Rio's second year, this team has as much potential for improvement as any team in the league.
    21. Pittsburgh Steelers
    The Steelers never stay down for long. If they can get the running game going again, they will contend.
    22. Detroit Lions
    This is a team with as much young talent as any team in the league, and the Lions will begin to show it this year.
    23. Chicago Bears
    The Bears could take a year while Rex Grossman matures and the team gets used to Lovie Smith's systems.
    24. New York Jets
    A healthy Chad Pennington will give this team a boost, but the defense might not be good enough to hold up its end.
    25. Oakland Raiders
    This is a tough team to figure. The Raiders could bounce back big or continue to look like a team of has-beens.
    26. Houston Texans
    This is a team on the rise, but the Texans still have a lot of young players who are learning what it takes to succeed.
    27. Buffalo Bills
    The Bills have some talent, but they face an adjustment period on offense with a new head coach.
    28. Arizona Cardinals
    Dennis Green should give this team a kick in the right direction, but the Cardinals still don't have enough juice.
    29. Cleveland Browns
    Jeff Garcia to Kellen Winslow will be a nice combination, but the Browns still have a lot of questions.
    30. New York Giants
    The acquisition of rookie Eli Manning was great, but the Giants and new coach Tom Coughlin will take some lumps.
    31. San Diego Chargers
    The Chargers have a lot of holes on offense and defense, and a lot of young players learning as they go.
    32. San Francisco 49ers
    This is a rebuilding year after the departures of Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens, and it should be very evident on most Sundays.


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    Dallas and Washington need to move on up as the season progresses...that is for sure.

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    tlong, I bet you are happy with the Seahawks' ranking, huh?

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    no way denver should be that high....just no way....
    lose portis, have alot of added pressure on Plummer, and they are #1? i don't think so....

    pats are #1 for sure. I think they repeat.

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    No way should the Seahawks be that high. I can see where Denver could be that high, they'll have another Portis this year. Like I said before, that entire system makes every single running back they have rush for 1500+ yards.

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