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    son the last time Jordan Jefferson was at a bar this is what he did ...

    Probably connected more on this guy than he did NC game!

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    Sons i just woke up...can i get a recap?

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    Sons i just woke up...can i get a recap?
    Scroll this thread.

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    I'll go ahead and save everybody the time by scripting the first few offensive possessions

    1st drive of game

    1st down: hand off to running back who barrels his way into a group of sweaty black men gaining only 1 yard

    2nd down: same thing except he gains 3 yards

    3rd down: quarterback looks for wide open pass 50 yards dowfield, doesn't see it and s his pants resulting in an incomplete

    *Team punts, rinse and repeat for the other team
    CFB is turning into a similar snoozefest albeit in a different fashion. Instead of scripting plays from a boring intra-SEC inept offensive 'slugfest' of a game, i can script out how the season will go just like it has for the past 5 years:

    i) Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State will go undefeated or 1 loss the entire season

    ii) everyone will ask if Alabama can beat [insert worst team in NFL] and if they're the greatest team ever

    iii) all teams run the same exact offense (spread, send athletic hybrid n!ggerfreak HB/WR combo in motion, then do a read-option/pass play everytime)

    iv) Georgia and Alabama meet in SEC le game, Georgia loses everyone wonders if they should be left out because they lost to Bama

    v) BLM/Vaxx commercials

    vi) someone out of the big five (OU, Bama, Georgia, OSU, Clemson) not named Alabama gets left out ... talking heads debate whether or not we should expand from four teams

    vii) Alabama and some team meet in the of the teams wins 40something to 30something by running the offense above ^

    viii) same mixed race mulatto guy does all the pregame music for the big games and halftime performance for national le game

    viii) in three months nobody even remembers who won the the le because the last five years are all a blur of the same sh!t

    so boring, so predictable. will bump in January when this is proven right yet again

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