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    Chapter 32.

    Emily descended the staircase in an impossibly sheer full length gown covering a matching panty and bra. Pink lace everywhere. She'd obviously taken a detour from the house wares area of Sears this afternoon.

    Her hair, freshly washed was combed out and it was nothing short of pure silk. It fell down to her shoulders and far past that. Her makeup was light and impeccably done, per the usual.

    A diminutive pink heart pendant hung from a thin strand of gold around her neck. I'd never seen it before. It was stunning.

    She was barefoot and had done her nails in a soft pink s color.

    It seemed like she was floating on the thin New Mexico air. I swear it.

    Shea started softly clapping his hands together, and I gratefully joined in.

    "Emily." I spoke almost breathlessly.

    "I know, I know." We both laughed at her vanity.

    "Look, Jakey, look what my cowboy bought me this afternoon at the mall." She walked to my chair, leaned over and held the pendant in her fingers for me to see. It's even engraved. Look, on the back, Jakey, it says 'To my princess. From Her Cowboy.' That was Shea's idea. Isn't it gorgeous, Jake."

    "It certainly is, angel."

    Then her whispered request in my ear so Shea couldn't see or hear...

    "Can I sit with him instead of you?"

    I whispered back..."I wouldn't have it any other way, baby-girl." She slid past me and joined her cowboy on the couch. As she did so I caught the scent of her Ann Klein II. I'd paid dearly for that, practically having to have it smuggled out of Europe. I'd also caught the fact that her panty was a g-string. Her bottom cheeks looked truly magnificent.

    "You both look so spiffy and handsome. Oh, goody, Jake made Marguerites. Can I have one, Jake?"

    "Sure, sweetheart." I poured us each a fresh one, and sat back down.

    "Oh, yummy. It's delish." I could tell she was more than a little nervous. Her voice was quite high, the words following each other a little too closely. I caught Shea's eye and nodded to him. He could read me pretty well because he clasped her left hand and held it in both of his.

    "I want to be a good girl for you both tonight. I want to do everything right and for you both to be happy with me. But, I don't know what to do. I'm a little worried that I'll disappoint you guys. If that were to happen I don't know what I'd do."

    Shea beat me to the punch: "Just being here with you tonight princess would be enough if nothing else happened this evening. . I'm sure Jake feels likewise. Right, Jake?"

    "Absolutely. However our girl wants to proceed that's how we'll proceed."

    "Well, can we do it, you know a lot? Not just once, or, even twice. I want to do it a lot, Jake. Please?"

    "Of course we can "do it" as much as you desire, Emmie. You look so beautiful, baby."

    "Well, for sure I'm looking so forward to giving my cowboy his present. You haven't forgotten, have you, Shea?" She turned to him.

    "It's only the best present I could ever receive. No way would I forget my present, princess."

    "I'd like to save your present for later though, you know when we're all upstairs. Not down here, right, Jake?"

    "Right, Emmie."

    "Shea, Jake can be there when I give you your present, right? He has to be there. I won't give you your present unless he's there. You're my cowboy, but, he's my Jakey. Ok?"

    "Come here, princess, let me hold you." Emmie scrambled into his arms. Shea kissed her then. She moaned and turned over onto her back, stretched her long, slender legs out, the back of her head in his lap. He bent with her so the kiss would not be broken.

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    Chapter 33.

    I immediately rose, removed my clothes and knelt on the floor by her feet. I was already thick and extremely long. I was close to frenzy, but, prompted myself to calm down. I gently pushed her pink nightgown up past her long thighs as Shea continued their endless kiss. Her eyes were tightly closed. I reached up with both hands and gently tugged at her g-string. She assisted me immediately, raising her hips to allow clearance.

    Once removed I took a deep sniff at the gusset, then placed them carefully on the coffee table. They were soaked., even the string.

    She squealed in their shared kiss. Emily was incredibly turned on. She needed immediate release,. I set to the task of granting her that release by gently raising her calves and bending her knees.

    "Oh, my God, Jake." She'd broke the kiss and looked down at me. "You're so naked, Jake. Oh, my God. What are you going to do, Jakey?"

    "No, no, princess, it's ok, come here now and let me kiss you." Shea covered her mouth with his, forcing her head back into his lap. Their tongues became active.

    Now, now was the time. And I knew it.

    She'd trimmed her pelt for the occasion. I softly blew warm breath upon her opening and on upwards to her clitoris. She squealed again and tried to resist her cowboy's incessant kiss, but, Shea was up to the challenge this time and foiled her attempt. Their kiss went on. I made butterfly kisses, starting at the back of her knees and commenced a slow journey up over her inner thighs. She spread them wider as a reward for my efforts. She clutched Shea's shoulders with her nails, digging in as if possessed. Her squealing had now become continual. Their kiss went on. My arrival at her grail grew imminent. I was there when the clocks stopped in mid stroke, I closed my mouth over her, stiffened my tongue into a hard thing and ever so softly dragged it back and forth over her little nubbin.

    The affect was tremendous. Emily stiffened, then went into near convulsion. The tremors were incredible. Shea wisely released her lips, but, I'd clamped mine and wasn't about to release. I was relentless. As her screams were finally permitted to air she dragged her nails off his shoulders and down his chest. He was impervious to the pain as he tenderly held her head in his arms.

    I didn't give a damn if the neighbors heard.


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    Giuseppe, I get scared when you're not posting.

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    Chapter 34.

    Now we were both near hysteria with want. The panicked look on Shea's face alarmed me. 10 long perfect welts had started to rise on his chest. "Ouch!" I said to myself. He started to remove the thin straps of her pink gown. Her eyes still shut tight Emily resisted. "No, Shea. please." she caught his hands in hers.

    "Emily, yes. Lie still now. This cowboy knows best."


    But, Shea was gone. The lights were on, but, no one was home.

    "No, girl."

    The nightgown was off her shoulders and bunched about her waist in an instant. The matching pink bra was next. It never stood a chance. Shea grabbed it in both hands and ripped it in two. He threw the pieces on the floor in an act of defiance and started to undress himself, ripping at his jeans and then the white briefs. I picked the torn remnants of the bra up and set them along side the g-string. They were once after all a matching set. She shut her eyes tighter in response and held still. I just sat back and watched. Shea was a driven man.

    Once he was naked, I made a move to switch places. I didn't have to be asked. I wouldn't want to stand in his way. Not now. But, Shea, to my utter amazement motioned for me to stay where I was. "You're first, Jake, go for it. She needs it, badly." His tone was firm, that of a drill sergeant, for Christ sakes.

    He was right of course. I could pound her, without governor because of length.

    "Oh, my God." Again from Emily.

    Her long legs had remained wildly splayed. I got into position as fast as I could. I was dripping pre come like a running faucet. I hesitated for a split second as I saw Emmie trembling before me. To this day I believe with all my heart I heard her hiss coarsely: " me." And to this day she swears I don't know what I'm talking about.

    " her! Now!" Shea barked at me.

    I slid in to her, to the Cosmo's aforementioned depth.

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    Chapter 35.

    Emily immediately wrapped those slender calves and thighs around my waist and clutched me tightly to her. Still that little angel would not open her eyes.

    "Here, Emily, here's something to keep my princess occupied." Shea crouched over her face and nudged his enormously long between her lips. She had no choice but to either accept it, or bite it off. God bless her, she took it like it was what she'd always wanted. She gripped the lower half of him in her left hand to stop his progress into her velvet mouth while she softly gathered his extended sack with her right hand. She held both firmly. Her tongue must have been incredibly active. A thin sheen of sweat presently broke out on her cowboy's face.

    I was quickly approaching my crisis. Emily, sensing my impending eruption redoubled her efforts to squeeze the life out of me with those thighs. She'd also finally opened her eyes to see what was going on. That's all it took. The sight of those beautiful eyes sent me crashing over the edge. She added a quick wink and I saw a million stars as I emptied everything I had into her body. God help me I screamed. I swear it.

    I pulled out and sat back against the couch arm rest. I couldn't catch my breath and I was seeing floaters for heaven's sakes. I closed my eyes to clear my head. When I opened them not a second or two later she'd already modestly closed her long legs and pulled the nightgown over her lower treasures.

    That little vixen now turned her eyes upon her cowboy. He was no match. And the poor guy didn't even know it. But, I did....."Jakey, watch what happens when I do this." Played loudly in my mind. "Emmie, don't." I said, only to myself. "Shea, look out." I said, only to myself. He was caught in her steel gaze when she furrowed that brow, winked one last time, released her left handed grip to just hold status and squeezed that bag with her right. And I mean hard. He erupted, but, not before she'd pulled him from her mouth and exposed his core to that thin New Mexico air.

    The third scream of that early Saturday evening was, in my estimation, the loudest.

    She held the grip, my God perhaps even tightened it and forced Shea to lose it all onto her preciously small breasts. I thought his eruption would never cease. He was now the one who'd clamped his eyes closed. She looked down the way at me and smiled. "I love you." I mouthed silently to her.

    "I know you do." She spoke plainly back to me.

    Shea could take no more and collapsed back against the opposite couch arm rest. His eyes stayed closed. He was a total wreck. His chest looked like he'd been in a knife fight and was heaving uncontrollably. His hair was totally disheveled and he was sweating profusely. "I hope the poor fellow doesn't have a coronary." I joked to myself.

    "Shea, meet Miss Emily."

    He managed a weak smile, opened his eyes and said..."Princess, you shouldn't do that to your cowboy. You could cripple him."

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    Chapter 36.

    "Well, you guys act like such smarty pants. I figured a girl has to teach the men in her life a lesson or two from time-to-time. Now, I'm going up to freshen a bit and retrieve some Bactine for my cowboy. He is so beautiful and I want to take good care of him. See ya later, alligators. After while, crocodiles. Bye." The gown's bottom edge fell to the floor as she held the top to her chest and scampered up the stairs, humming, yes, humming the entire way.

    "Dude, you should have warned me, Jake." Shea admonished me as he put his pants back on.

    I just laughed heartily and started getting dressed myself. "Every man for his self, Shea."

    Emmie returned shortly in her bathrobe, her favorite quilt in one hand, Bactine in the other.

    "Jake, can you fix us a snack-a-rooney while I attend Shea?"

    "Of course, dear. Play nice now you two." I kidded 'em as I left the living room.

    Upon returning with Coca Colas for all and a large frosted bowel of assorted chilled berries I found her carefully applying a thin coat of antiseptic ointment over Shea's chest.

    "I had to go back up, J. I felt the Bactine insufficient. This will be much better. I don't believe I broke the skin, honey. I don't see any blood. Do you, Shea?"

    "No, I'm fine, princess." He kissed her forehead and reached for a bottle of Coke.

    "We'll, I'm so sorry. I just got so carried away. Forgive me, Shea, please?"

    "Nothing to forgive, little princess."

    She grabbed her quilt and a Coke and sat next to Shea on their favorite part of the couch. I was back in my chair, when our girl revved up anew...

    "Hmmm, what should we do now? I have an idea. (answering her own question, oh, boy) Can we dance again, you know, just like last night? Me and Shea. I so loved dancing with you, Shea. Oh, please?"

    "Sure, if Jake doesn't mind sitting it out again?"

    "Not at all. You two enjoy yourselves. I'll just sit here and recuperate."

    After dimming the lights, and restarting the Sam Cooke disc I excused myself. I washed up, brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I felt whole again. Totally refreshed.

    Upon returning they were deep in each other's arms, whispering away. Emily in her bathrobe, Shea, shirtless holding her tightly.

    "Now? Uh, oh." The lilting sing/song of her favorite saying a little M.I.A. They'd stopped dancing and Emily was looking at me.

    "What's going on?"

    "Shea says I should go upstairs and get my present ready for him."

    "Then you'd better get goin', right?"

    "I suppose. What should I do, Shea?"

    "I'm glad you asked that question, princess. Here's your directions, so listen carefully. First, you are to light all the candles in your bedroom. Then you're to put a fresh pair of white cotton panties on and absolutely nothing else. Then you're to draw your bedding down until only the top sheet is left on the bed and your own pillow. Then you're to go into your bathroom and apply a generous amount of lubricant to your nether region. Then you're to knock on the banister at the top of the stairs 3 times to alert us that you're ready. Then you're to get on your bed on all fours, lay your head on your pillow facing away from the doorway and raise your bottom as high as you can.

    Are there are questions, princess?"

    "Good grief, Shea. May I at least keep the necklace you bought me this afternoon on?"

    "Of course you may, sweetheart."

    "Understood." Emmie strode to the couch grabbed her quilt and started to head for the staircase."

    "Leave the quilt, Emily." Shea's voice had changed it's tone. It was a bit authoritarian.

    "What? Jakey!!!" She'd jokingly bypassed Shea and was appealing straight to me.

    "Jake, it is just her little blanket after all, the one her mama and..."

    "Silence!" Shea's voice sternly commanded.

    "No. Absolutely no quilt."

    I just starred at him, right along with Emily.

    "Husband, you're to accompany your wife and assist her in the directives I've set down for her. Once you've finished you're to sit in your accustomed seat there in the bedroom, bow your head, close your eyes and await my arrival. Am I understood, Husband?"

    I was the husband, obviously. Thereafter I obeyed him. "Yes, Shea."

    As I climbed the steps behind Emily I looked over at Shea. He was standing in front of the couch, his top half in dark shadows. He made not a sound.

    At the top the staircase Emily turned to me. "Is Shea ok, honey?"

    "Yeah, he's just messing with us. Go ahead and get ready and I'll light the candles. By the time I was done lighting the candles, turning down the bedding and fluffing up her pillow Emily had returned from the bathroom, donned a fresh pair of white cotton panties and positioned herself on the bed as directed.

    I commented to her how beautiful she looked with her butt in the air.

    "I feel rather silly, Jake. You should go and signal him that I'm ready."

    "Good idea." I knocked the required three times, returned to my seat, bowed my head and closed my eyes. The silence as we awaited Shea's arrival was maddening.

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    Chapter 37.

    Shea's sudden footsteps on the staircase made us both flinch.

    "Oh, my God, Jake."

    "It'll be ok, Em. I'm here."

    Shea walked into the room.

    "Husband, go to your wife, lower her panties. You may leave them just past mid thigh."

    I raised my head went to the bed and knelt next to Emily. I pulled her panties down as ordered.

    When I looked back, Shea was standing there shirtless, in his jeans at the foot of the bed.

    "Remain where you are, husband and await further instruction.

    "Are your eyes closed, Emily?"

    "Yes, Shea."

    "Do not open them until I tell you to do so. Understood?

    "Yes, Shea."

    "Husband, shut the bedroom door, lock it, and take your seat again. Say nothing more unless spoken to."

    I did precisely as ordered.

    "Can you hear me, Emily?"

    "Yes, Shea."

    "Wiggle it." He commanded. She gave her bottom a slight shake. She was ready for this. Shea knew her pretty well after all.

    "Again, wiggle it longer this time." Her bottom moved more suggestively.

    "Raise it higher into the air."

    She struggled mightily but, it rose majestically.

    "Now, wiggle it wildly until I order you to stop."

    The display Emily put on then left me in a state of absolute awe. She wantonly undulated her bottom so wickedly that it was all I could do to maintain my seat and not mount her in a maniacal rampage. Her shameless display went on for several minutes, if not more.


    "Remove your wife's panties, Husband. Place them in my hand." I retrieved the panties and placed them in Shea's hand.

    "The panties belong to me now. They are mine, forever.

    "Isn't that right, Emily?"

    "Yes, Shea." She sounded as if he had put her into a trance. This was turning into something else altogether.

    "Husband, return to your seat. Do not speak unless spoken to."

    I complied, immediately.

    "Now, Husband, return to your wife's side and await my next directive."

    I did as commanded.

    "Feel her pussy. Not her bottom. That is my domain. Mine and mine alone. Just her pussy. As soon as you've ascertained her pussy's condition return to your seat and report aloud. Short, and to the point. Absolutely no fanfare, whatsoever. No jocularity. Just the facts. Begin, Husband."

    I did it. I had no other choice. Neither Emily nor myself did. I God's, Emmie was soaking wet, even dripping onto the sheets. I returned to my seat and did as I was told: "Her pussy is extremely wet and is dripping onto the sheets." I reported.

    "Emily, what is the present you have bestowed upon me?"

    "My butt, Shea."

    "What is my purpose here, Emily?"

    "To take my anal cherry."

    "And how will I accomplish that purpose, Emily?"

    "By ing my butt."

    "Husband, do I have your blessing in this matter?"

    I hesitated, I think for affect, but, I wouldn't bet the house on that.

    "For the second and last time, husband, do I have your blessing in this matter?"

    "Yes, Shea." This had turned into some kind of ritual.

    "So be it."

    "Husband, join your wife's side. Await further instruction."

    I went immediately.

    I watched as Shea removed his jeans. He had no briefs on. He was as hard as granite and extremely long. "Oh, my God." I remarked to myself." He then climbed on to the bed and was directly behind Emmie, putting me almost right next to him. I tried catching his eye, but, the Shea we knew was long gone. I coulda been Mickey Mantle kneeling there for all this Shea cared or noticed.

    "Husband, you're to ever so gently pry your wife's bottom cheeks apart very slowly. I will tell you when to begin. Touch your wife's bottom cheeks only. Do not touch her nether region. That is my domain. Mine and mine alone. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, Shea."

    Remember pry gently, part slowly. Do not release the bottom cheeks until so ordered."

    Shea then placed the head of his penis where Emily's cheeks were divided at their furthest apex. He didn't have to hold it, it was like a goddamn tuning fork. It just pointed relentlessly forward. Her bottom hole was most probably directly in front of it, protected by the twin globes of her bottom. The same twin globes I'd be prying and parting upon Shea's command in mere seconds.

    "Husband. Commence."

    I was extremely gentle. I did not want to hurt Emily. She had been so quiet. I was worried about her, when she moved just a little at my touch.

    "Be still, Emily."

    "Yes, Shea."

    "Continue husband."

    Every time I pried and parted space Shea's penis moved forward closer to Emily's bottom hole. He'd opened up a tube of lubricant and was holding it over the top of Emily's crack letting small drops fall (one at-a-time) . The drops then fell into the crevice, and I imagine coagulating in the area where the head of Shea's penis was relentless pursing it's target. A drop fell on my hand and it was extremely warm. I have no idea where the tube came from. He must have brought it up with him.

    I knew Emily's crevice was deep. I had no idea it was this deep. I pried and parted and finally, finally her nether region was exposed. Thank goodness, it had dilated somewhat from the earlier lubrication that Shea had decreed. As the final parting took affect Shea's penis came into blunt contact with Emily's bottom.

    "Emily, bite your pillow and remain still."

    "Please God. Please God. Please God. Please God. Please God." Emily commenced a chant and would not stop, biting her pillow be damned.

    "Husband, hold steady. Do not release until so ordered by my command. Do you understand, Husband."

    "Yes, Shea."

    As I looked down into that deep valley I couldn't fathom how, for the life of me, he'd get any part of himself inside that tiny aperture. I talked myself out of ending this macabre scene for at least the third time and watched with utter amazement as Shea nudged his penis eagerly against Emily's bottom opening. The aperture immediately yielded and the head of Shea's penis took her anal virginity. Just like that. Emily's endless "Please God" was not affected. He flexed again. An inch disappeared inside her.

    "Don't you dare turn loose, husband."

    "Yes, Shea."

    Once again he flexed his hip muscles and another inch went deep.

    "That's it, I am ball's deep." Shea announced, setting the tube of lubricant on the bed.

    I silently rejoiced (he was only three to four inches inserted) and looked to Shea for a joint salutation. Again, I was ignored like I didn't even exist except in the matters as his assistant.

    Her chanting had mercifully stopped. I was so used to it, I'd found myself holding to the beat until she'd ceased causing me to nearly lose my grip. Nearly.

    "Can I feel it with my hand, Shea?" She started to snake her right hand down thru.

    "Absolutely not. I am building to release and that would ignite my emission prematurely."

    "I understand, Shea. I apologize." The hand retreated.

    "Apology accepted, Emily. Prepare to accept my essence.

    "Husband when I signal you are to release your grip on your wife's bottom cheeks. Do you understand, husband?"

    "I understand, Shea."

    The wait was interminable. Emily tried to shift a little.

    "Remain absolutely still, Emily."

    "Yes, Shea."

    "Release, husband!"

    I released my hold at the same time Emily tried to move forward in order to expectorate a portion of the invader. Shea was way ahead of her as he clutched her hips firmly causing her to shift back and onto his penis to it's original depth even adding another inch for the cause.

    The violent shifting to and fro, coupled with the enveloping caused by the release of her bottom cheeks caused Shea to erupt. The guttural sound he made as he emptied himself in Emily's rectum was un-Godly. I thought a wild animal was loose in the house.

    I backed away from the coupling and just watched as he literally howled at the ceiling.

    Emily just kept repeating one word over and over: "Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea."

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    Chapter 38.

    I backed up far enough that I bumped into my chair. I turned it facing forward and dropped into it.

    Shea was still in the deep throes of ecstasy. It was surreal to bear witness. He finally finished inside Emily as her chant mercifully wound down and her breathing became ragged and alarming.

    "I will now extricate myself from your wife, Husband. Emily, take a short breath and hold it." Moments later. "The deed is done. Husband, assist your wife to recline and drape her immediately."

    I covered Emmie with a fresh sheet as she managed to turn over. Her eyes were closed tightly. I think she was in a state of shock. Myself? I couldn't believe what had just transpired. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Shea put his clothes back on. I tried to catch his eye, but, he avoided my gaze. I'd bent close to Emmie's face to check on her when I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

    I turned to face Shea. We starred solemnly into each other's eyes for what seemed like minutes, but, was probably less. Probably. In the instant before he handed me Emmie's neatly folded little quilt with a wicked wink and his biggest grin, that cowboy's eyes re-lit and I knew I'd been had.

    That glorious SOB. He'd gotten me. I'll never forget it as long as I live.

    Shea squeezed my shoulder firmly, then hustled around the foot of the bed to the other side to console his princess. "Baby, are you ok?"

    "Shea, you're so different. I was so scared. Are you ok, now, Shea? Are you still my cowboy? Are you still our friend, Shea?" Emily was rambling. She was very upset.

    "Of course, sweetheart. I was just role playing to make it extra special for you. Just to make it fun for our little girl. Right, Jake?"

    "Absolutely, Em. Shea is still good old Shea. He's still your cowboy, baby."

    We took turns holding her, rocking her gently in our arms, talking to her softly to bring her back to us. She was awfully shook up.

    She finally took on some color, as she at last opened her eyes. They were still glazed though. She was in a state of euphoria, completely mesmerized by what had just taken place. She was on the precipice of release and needed orgasm desperately, though she didn't realize this because of the condition she was still in.

    "Was it fun for you, princess?"

    "Gosh, sure it was. I was scared but I knew I was safe with you two here with me. I can always trust my guys. Can we do that again sometime soon, please, Shea?"

    "Sure we can. You betcha."

    "And you'll do that role playing thing again and you'll order me and Jake do the same things. Right, Shea, right?"

    "I look forward to it, princess."

    "And J, I told you I could go ball's deep just like my "Cosmopolitan" said, huh, Shea"?

    The poor angel was rambling again.

    "Yep, our princess took it all again." Shea looked at me and we shared the conspiratorial smile I needed so desperately.

    Only for Emmie. Nobody else.

    "Jake, sweetheart, please blow some candles out?" She requested while pulling the sheet all the way to her chin.

    "Sure, baby." I extinguished most of them while she stretched out and Shea started gently massaged her feet."

    "That feels so good, Shea." She sounded at once dreamy.

    I held her head in my lap and closed her eyelids with my fingertips. "Relax now, angel, You're such a pretty little girl. And we both love you very, very much."

    "I love you, Jake." I bent to kiss her lips and her lips yielded on contact. Right then I could tell she was incredibly turned on and would need release soon. Otherwise, she'd exhaust herself again and be inconsolable. We'd waited too long.

    I signaled to Shea and motioned him to start. He knew and started kissing her ankles, moving rapidly upward planting feather light kisses on the way, moving the sheet up as he went.

    "No. No, please no. I won't be able to stand it. It will be too much. No. Oh, God, no, you two. I can't. No. Stop."

    "Yes, princess. You have to. You must. Let us help you. It will ok. We'll both take good care of you, sweetheart. Just relax, princess."

    She started a fresh line of protest, but, I silenced her with a kiss. Her lips immediately yielded and our tongues became one. She was almost wild. Against my labors she broke the kiss.

    "Please, Shea, my thighs. Hurry, darling, kiss my thighs. I need my thighs kissed and licked. Please, God. Please."

    But, Shea had bypassed her thighs as was kissing her pussy with the flat of his tongue.

    "What's Shea doing, Jake, it feels so wonderful."

    "He's licking you, down there, all over."

    "Oh, my God, I want to , Shea. Please Shea, make me ."

    "I want to see, Jake, hold my head up." I did as requested. The last thing she saw before her world exploded was her cowboy, gently, but, incessantly biting her clitoris.

    Her head slammed back onto the bed, her eyes snapped shut and her mouth opened into a silent scream. I held her head steady so she wouldn't hurt herself. The orgasm didn't seem to crest until she was able to expel sound from her mouth. That finally came in the form of Shea's name. "Shea." In a breathless scream.

    Shea released her clitoris and lightly stroked her inner thighs with his tongue. She was in heaven and we let her stay there as long as she pleased.

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    Chapter 39.

    "I'm so sleepy, guys." We'd put the bedding back together again and put our little girl into a bundle, safe and sound.

    She was exhausted. The sand man was coming for her and that right soon.

    She tried to open her eyes, but, was just too far gone.

    "I had the most wonderful Saturday, you two. Thank you for my necklace, Shea. I know it cost a lot of money, but, I love it so. I'll keep it forever, Shea."

    "And don't forget about my present tomorrow morning, Jakey. You promise?"

    "Yes, baby, I promise."

    "I love you both so much. I'm so glad you came to us, Shea. Do you love me, Shea?"

    "Yes, princess, I love you."

    "That's so nice. I so like it when you two love me."

    "And you'll stay till I fall asleep, Jake?"

    "Yes, sweetheart, I promise."

    "And then my cowboy will sleep next to me and hold me in his arms after I fall asleep. Right, Shea?"

    "Yes, baby. We'll be here all night."

    "And I was brave again, wasn't I?

    "Yes, doll, you were so very brave." I answered.

    She finally drifted off as Shea softly nuzzled her cheek.

    "Jake, I've never met anyone like her in my life. She is incredible."

    "I know. We're the luckiest men on the face of the planet."

    "I shall say goodnight to you, Shea. Thank you for the wonderful role play tonight. You hit just the right chord. It was brilliant."

    "You're most welcome, Jake. I apologize for making the psychodrama a little too intense."

    "Not at all. You were wonderful. Emily really enjoyed it. She really got into it. I think the structure really made an impression upon her. I could tell."

    I headed for the door and then went back myself for a final check of the girl. She was sleeping soundly. I picked up her quilt off the floor where it had fallen and handed it to Em's new bedmate.

    "Here you go, cowboy, she'll be looking for this as soon as she wakens." I teased as we laughed quietly. At the door, I turned back to Shea: "Thank you, Shea. For everything."

    Once on the other side of the bedroom door I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I thought we'd lost Shea there during his role play stunt. What a character.

    I went straight to the couch and laid down. I immediately jerked off. It was purely medicinal I assure you. After that, I cried myself to sleep. I'd never felt so alone. It was a deep, black, dreamless sleep.

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    Chapter 40.

    The earliest light thru the picture window was trying to wake me when I had a weird feeling that I was being watched. I opened my eyes to discover Emmie's face right in front of mine. "Whaaaa!"

    "What are you doing down here? You scared me half to death, girl!"

    "My butt hurts." She was in her bathrobe, kneeling on the rug in front of the couch, whispering.

    "I warned you. I told you he was too big. But, you wouldn't listen. What did you expect, Emmie?"

    "Shush! Can you look at it for me and see. Please, Jake?"

    "Can't it wait till later, I'm sleeping, honey. I'm tired."

    "No. Now. Jake? I should have never listened to my Cosmopolitan magazine, that's for sure."

    I cringed at that remark. She'd have to be told today.

    "Fine." I sat up as she moved out of the way and stood up.

    "I brought down the little flashlight and some ointment in case we need it. Also Clorox Wipes so you don't have to move off the couch. See?" Everything was laid out neatly on the coffee table. God only knows how long she'd been kneeling there starring at me.

    "Well, bend over so I can see it."

    She quickly peered toward the staircase, gathered her bathrobe and pulled down her white panties.

    "I thought Shea took those last night?"

    "A fresh pair." She answered, while keeping one eye on the landing. "Hurry, before he comes down and sees."

    "Why couldn't he do this for you? It's his fault, and yours."

    "Jake! I'd die of embarrassment if he saw me bent over like this. Now, be quiet and just look. It hurts."

    I was going to remind her of the very similar position she was just in late last night upstairs, but, I was too tired to venture the process.

    She'd bent over, but, of course not near far enough.

    "Further, and hold your cheeks apart a little. I can't see up there."

    She looked back at me, furrowed that brow and scoffed, but, did as I said.

    "It's a tiny bit red, but, it's fine."

    "Here, put some of this on it. It'll feel better then." She handed the ointment back while keeping watch on that staircase.

    I took the Neosporin from her and gently applied a little to her crinkle.

    "There you go. All done." As I patted her behind. Hmmmm. "How come your bottom is all pink and warm, Emmie?"

    "Shea spanked me earlier this morning." She pulled up her panties, retied her bathrobe, handed me the wipes and sat down on the edge of the coffee table.

    "Shea did what?"

    "He spanked me. He said he owed me one for me squeezing his balls so hard last night right here on that couch. He gave me 5 spanks with my panties up, and 5 spanks with my panties down. He had me lay down on my tummy on the bed. He's sleeping now."

    She reported all this so matter-a-factly I couldn't resist and laughed aloud.

    "It's not funny, Jake. Shouldn't you go up there and speak to him about it?"

    "No, you should go back up there and speak to him about it. I'm not the one who squeezed his bean bag till his eyes popped. That was you, remember?"

    "Sure, I remember. But, you never care when I do that to you, right?"

    "That's because I love you. Plus you asked me years ago if it would be ok for you to do it because it was so much fun for you. And I granted permission. Not to mention, Emmie, but, it's not like you accept the answer 'no' very well at all."

    "But, Shea loves me. He said so. You heard him. Right? Right. Then what's the problem?"

    "Honey bun, it's just that Shea doesn't know you well enough yet. Don't rush him so. He'll eventually come around to your ways. You're a very special girl and you take a lot of getting used to. Trust me."

    "I guess that makes sense."

    "Glory be. Disaster averted." In my layered sarcastic tone.

    She fell into contemplative silence as I cleaned my hands with the wipes, then stretched out again.

    "What time is it, anyway?"

    "A little before five." She answered almost as an afterthought.

    "Emmie? Go on now, back upstairs with you. It's too early. You need your sleep. I'm going back and getting mine. I'm worn out, girl." I turned over, faced the couch back, and drew the blanket up over me. I could feel her still sitting there, thinking hard, about God only knows what.

    "Just one more thing, Jake." With a fresh tone in her whisper.

    "What's that?"

    "What about my present?"

    "What about it?"

    "Can I have it now? You said I could have it this morning."

    "Emily!" I admonished as I turned back over. "I said that last night to you when you were in your twilight zone and Shea and I were trying to get you to settle down and go to sleep. I'm not going to let you hold me to something that I had to do for your own welfare."

    "Oh, I knew I heard it somewhere. Just couldn't place it."

    "If you don't stop pestering me about your present and wait until this afternoon I'm going to follow Shea's wisdom and spank your butt, panties down."

    "Uh, oh. I'll wait." Then..."Jakey, can I do something, you know, for you before I go back up?"

    "Yes, leave me in peace to sleep."

    "Gee, you're a grouch."

    I made a move to grab for her, but, she was much too quick for me as she scooted to the staircase and giggling, scampered on up.

    Facing the couch again I fell asleep to the sounds of Emmie's shrieks of joyous laughter from above as the bedroom door closed and silence came to me, at last.

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    sylab getting bukkaked in his own thread.

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    this is disgusting culburn. if you loved katie you wouldn't let any man have her.

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    Those are some of the shortest chapters I have ever skimmed through.

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    Thailand or Guam?

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    i heart Culby.

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    There's nothing like reading all 40 chapters of this on a Sunday morning. I did it

    The Cowboy & The Princess

    By Culburn369


    Emmie, short for Emily, is my wife. She is in her late 20's and a stunning beauty. An Irish girl, 5'7", 125lbs, long auburn hair, small, delicate breasts, and a fantastic bottom. It is her proudest asset and I've lauded it endlessly thru the years. It is a mesmerizing sight and one that continues to delight me no end. One of my long held fantasies was to watch Emmie with another man being intimate. We've had numerous long discussions, turned into heated debate and finally into terrible arguments over the years on this very issue. She was raised a strict Catholic and would not even consider it when I first broached the subject early on. Thru the years she has somewhat softened, but, has never yielded to my persistent requests.

    I had just about given up hope.

    Chapter 1.

    Emily came home from her job one evening last Summer...talking about this new hire the company had made. I usually tune her out when she commences to talk about her work, (she has a tendency to talk a lot), but, this time, this time was different. Her voice had risen an octave as she breathlessly reported to me that the new hire was a guy some years older than herself. He was a "cowboy" as she put it. She'd always fancied the cowboy type since she'd caught Travolta in "Urban Cowboy." This new guy would be working in the shop area. She had been introduced to him (his name was Shea) in the office that morning. I had a feeling right away that she had made it a point to be introduced, but, I held my tongue and pricked up my ears as she continued. He was a "man's man" she said. I was taken aback by this "out of left field" comment, but, again I bit my tongue. This was out of character for Emily, and I felt the slightest nervous rumblings in my stomach. "Was she talking to me as a point?" I busied myself preparing supper for us, averting my eyes as I could feel her gaze upon me.

    "I got kinda roped in to taking him around the shop and yard area, honey. Linda (the HR girl) was called away and asked me if I'd mind." I continued to stir the pot and kept my mouth shut. "He was such a gentleman. He opened the door leading into the lumber yard for me and I showed him everything." "everything?" I said to myself. "He was so cute as he kept asking me questions about this, that and the other."

    "Cute"? My chest tightened.

    "He asked me out for lunch, Jake." I finally stopped stirring that damn pot and slowly turned around, my face ablaze, my heart pounding a cadence, steady & true.

    I could feel her watching me, but, I kept my eyes averted. "He did what?" I asked incredulously.

    "He wanted to go to lunch with me today." Emily countered, almost daringly. "I told him 'no', that I had already made plans, but, that tomorrow I would be free." "free?" I said to myself in silent echo.

    "Would that be ok with you, darling?"

    "I suppose so, Em." Was she teasing me, intentionally?" I asked myself.

    "Do you think about it anymore, sweetheart?" Emily pointedly asked me.

    "What do you mean 'it'?"

    "You know perfectly well what 'it' means, Jakey. Don't you, J?"

    I finally met her eyes and found them to be brilliantly lit.

    Oh, my God.

    "Let's eat, Jake. I'm famished, darling."

    Chapter 2.

    Supper was served and eaten in near silence. My mind was racing. I dared not venture any questions. I was afraid to break the spell, the incredible streak of luck I seemed to have found myself in possession of all the sudden.

    "Jake. Jake? Are you alright, honey? You seem so distant. What's wrong?"

    "No, no, nothing at all. I'm just thinking about my day tomorrow." I lied.

    "Well, I'm exhausted. I think I'll bathe and then hit the hay. Would you mind if I turned in early tonight?"

    "Oh, sure, no problem, Em. I'll just do up these dishes and watch some 'King of Queens.' I'll be up later, angel."

    "Good night, Jake, I love you."

    "Night, Emmie."

    I was glad to be left alone for a while to gather my thoughts. I felt unnerved as I watched her climb the staircase and disappear into her bathroom. Soon I heard the bathwater start and I relaxed. "What the was going on?" I asked myself. I couldn't reconcile this, I suppose major policy change in her at ude. Obviously this new guy, this "Shea" had made an impression upon Emily, and in a very succinct way. I was starting to scare myself with hope as the rumination of visuals began to fill my mind: Emmie, on all fours, that round, white bottom high in the air, this, this Shea in tight behind her, holding her hips firmly as he drove them both in wild copulation...Emmie, dropping to her knees, Shea in front of her, servicing him with her mouth...Emmie, completely nude, kissing Shea as they lay coupled in our bed, in our bedroom dimly lit by candles, the heady scent of lovemaking filling the air, the whispers of two lovers too soft to be heard, but, the intent nonetheless so explicit.

    I watched and I listened. And I was ever so quiet.

    Chapter 3.


    I came out of my reverie to the sight and sound of Emily in front of me.

    " o??" She inquired again.

    "Oh, o. I fell asleep for a moment. I'll be right up."

    "Right up? Jake it's 7 in the morning. You slept all night in your chair."


    "Yes. Anyhow, I'm on my way out. Gotta get to work."

    I was still half asleep, but, half asleep I noticed right off that she was dressed to the nines: a tight black skirt, not too short, but, boy-oh-boy was it ever tight. My goodness. And I knew from prior knowledge that it was only not too short because she was advised by her GYN to refrain from pantyhose and utilize a garter belt and nylons. Something about yeast, or bread, or some damn woman thing. I knew she also "sometimes" eschewed panties under there.

    I had a sneaking su ion that this morning "sometimes" was not an option. I didn't ask though. I dared not risk being wrong. I so did not want to be wrong. "Please God, let it be so." I implored silently.

    Her hair was in a French twist, and coiffed meticulously. Her blouse was a soft beige silk piece and fit her to perfection. She was stunning sight this morning. Emily was still a beautiful girl, that was for sure.

    Nothing afresh about the luncheon date with Shea was broached as she gave me a light kiss on the cheek and headed for the door.

    "Have a fine day, J. I'll call you after lunch to tell you how it went with Shea." She said over her shoulder as she hurried out the door.

    "She's messing with me." I said, only to myself.

    "Uh, ok, I'll uh, look forward to you calling, uh, Emmie." I offered back in an almost panicked yell.

    The door closed behind her. I at once rose from the chair and peeked out the front picture window to watch her as she got into her car. She looked radiant, yet nonchalant, almost aloof. I figured she was up to something and would look back at the house as a give-a-way. Uh, uh. Not so much as a mere glance. She just started it up, set her radio, probably to that damn country station she cherishes, checked her mirrors, backed it out, and drove on off.

    "She's going to call me after her lunch with Shea?" Oh, my God.

    It was like an out of body experience for me standing there alone in that living room. I at once became aware that my trousers had formed quite an impressive pup tent.

    "Wait, Jake. Have some patience. If you wait until after she calls, it'll make your nut that much more intense and enjoyable. Just wait." My inner Jake made a lot of sense.

    I'd wait.

    Chapter 4.

    I figured she'd call about twoish. She usually took her lunch late to avoid the crowds.

    I spent the morning trying to keep my mind off the particulars, but, an hour in I knew it was hopeless. I then assumed my usual behavior when confronted with an event: I obsessed and ruminated endlessly. I was torn between self pleasuring to relieve the mounting stress and holding out for the crescendo that would certainly be available after "the call." I surprised myself by holding forth and not keeping my hands to myself. It was a struggle. I played some on-line chess and read the morning paper. Finally the clock struck two and I took root in my chair next to the telephone. It was an interminable wait, but, at close to three o'clock I was near exhaustion. I felt light-headed, hot and a bit muddled.

    "Could this be it? Finally I'd get my fondest wish?" Or, "was she breaking my balls, teasing me?" Emmie could be a first class ball breaker. It drove me between boundless desire and consummate misery. I don't think she actually set out to do so. It was just her way.

    Finally..."Should I call her?" I asked myself. "No. She said she'd call. She'll call."

    She never did.

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