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    Bynum is an idiot

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    I'd have to totally agree with JamStone ... I've heard Bynum has flat out said he doesn't even love basketball that much. Whether or not he said that in an interview, his actions clearly show he's not 100% devoted to being the greatest bball player he can be, and rather he's a 7 foot black man who can play basketball so he's making a wealthy living playing the sport. People assume way too much about athletes (famous/super wealthy in general) and it only causes a ton of butthurtery and total misunderstanding.

    Sixers fans were butthurt all season about Bynum continually deferring and eventually never returning to play for the team. At first glance it's easy to label him as a lazy selfish piece of but once you put yourself in his shoes it's much easier to understand his actions. I wouldn't probably not return either as a big man who is historically injury prone, risking further injury. It's a high risk low reward move to return; who would risk their career and health over a mediocre to good team (had he been playing) that has no shot of doing much in the postseason? Not like he won't be able to sign a big deal now that he didn't comply with the Sixers.

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