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    .. might be a world series darkhorse. Their rotation is going to be nasty and Michael Brantley is one feared nigga.. good things are coming for the Tribe IMO
    "Harden will have a lasting legacy even if he never wins a championship. The greatest players in NBA history change the way the game is played, and Harden has blazed a trail for the next generation of players. That might not sound exciting for the many fans who dislike his isolation-heavy style of basketball, as well as the cynical way he manipulates the rulebook to draw fouls and slow the pace of the game to a crawl. But the best players canít afford to be philosophical.... He has pushed the bar higher than it has ever been. Now the rest of the league has to catch up"

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    Thread will magically forget the whole "moving off the Lakefront" thing ever happened

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    The Tribe desperately needs a middle-of-the-order power bat to tie their lineup together. That's what separates them from Detroit- the Tigers have Miggy, the Indians, um, don't. And they need to improve their defense, which was awful this season.

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