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    anyone play Blooodstained: Ritual of the night yet? looks pretty dope
    yep, enjoying it so far, playing on normal with the kids and its too easy

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    Freeze bombs were the only way i was able to take down the heavy guys like thunderjaws and rockbreakers in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time. Triple shot corruption arrows were nice too
    Corruption arrows are nice. They've improved the overall combat system for me. It's nice to get the machines fighting each other and then tactically pick your spots to do damage, and the tactical approach is where the combat systems shines its best. When you're attacked by multiple enemies at once (ideally, you don't want this to happen, but at the difficulty setting, it's about impossible to tactically take out a group of Snapmaws as Glinthawks fly around without alerting everything in the area) and have to play it like Devil May Cry, the combat just feels spastic and clunky, turning the game into a rolling simulator, while spamming the rope caster.

    About 40 hours in and 48 percent complete. All Blazing Suns and just finished the Grave Hoard mission. Still in that 7-7.5 range. Main issue is still the weapon wheel. Not only is it a bit limited, but having to bring it up every second during a heated battle is annoying and ruins the flow, i.e. switch to tearblaster, switch to ropecaster, switch to freeze bombs, switch to sling blast (we can be cheeky again and call it a "weapon switching simulator" when this happens). I'm not criticizing it because I'm taking deaths and the like, I just hate seeing it every half second. Weapon switching should be instant and not clutter up the HUD.

    If I were a playtester at GG, I'd suggest maybe try mapping the weapons to the D pad and use the triangle to switch to alt fire, i.e. press right to equip war bow, press triangle to switch to freeze arrows, with nothing popping up on the screen (I understand since bows and slings can have three different elemental types, the binary main/alt wouldn't "work," but I'd say just have a shock/freeze bow, fire/corruption bow, and hard point/standard arrow bow). IIRC, this is how Infamous mapped things. And I think the potions should be on the visible wheel.

    Still a fine game. Did you get the Shield Weaver armor? Read it breaks the game.

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    Anyone play Layers of Fear? Thinking about giving it a shot.

    The devil trembles when he knows the body is the temple and God is in you
    It's hard to continue when it's hard to offend you
    He snarls and sets traps, that have you setback
    The last round in this death match
    So strengthen where you're best at
    I promise you won't regret that

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