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    If I make a new Graphic Override for Walls using a rule that uses the Composite the wall is made with, it does not work.If I do the same for Slabs or Columns but not using their Composite it does work.Pre AC21 Graphic Overrides that I had set up in AC20 and uses the Wall's Composite they do work on the Walls but if I add a new rule (which uses the walls composite) then the new Rule will not work.If I duplicate a previous rule that works the new rule based off the duplicated rule, does not workIf I make a new rule from scratch it still does not workOn the bright side I go on holiday tonight for 3 weeks, so it will be somebody else's problem tomorrow..

    Please help.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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    looks like it might be a bug on Archicad, tbh, or a virus.... have you been watching copious amount of porn in that computer?

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    Have you tried plugging in a pair of Beats Studios?

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