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    From what I can figure, Tomlinson is the RB with the highest # of receptions at 100.
    So I do think the discussion I heard was in reference to Barkley setting a new RB season reception record.
    Matt Forte holds the record at 102.

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    Matt Forte holds the record at 102.
    Ok. Regardless...Barkley has a chance to set that record.

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    Ok. Regardless...Barkley has a chance to set that record.
    He has 62 catchs in 9 games. So he needs 41 in the next 7, so if he has a couple big games like he did vs Dallas where he caught 14 balls, yep, the record is his. What helps him is the Giants are in constant catch up mode, meaning they throw the ball.

    While he can obviously do it all he is not a dynamic inside runner, far in space.

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    This MNF game will have the most wins ever in a MNF game 18-2. I think.

    Too bad Kupp and Austin are injured. To bad DeAnthony Thomas is injured. If they were all there this game would feature more dynamic players than we have ever seen.

    What can we say about the way Goff has come on? How he could have looked so out of a year ago?

    Patrick Mahomes appears to be a freak of nature. What he is doing is amazing.

    How rare is it to have a QB who can throw it 85 yards in the air and a receiver who is the fastest in the NFL?

    Now add Gurley vs Hunt.

    Can't remember a regular season game I have looked forward to as much as this one.

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    I was watching this HS game (a replay)

    Two of those were back to back plays. Yep, two picks sixes in two plays.

    History here.

    Won't make a habit of talking HS.NCAA here. But when these guys show up in the NFL, well.

    Everytime I watch UCF play the TV announcers go on and on about the speed of Adrian Killings a RB, it's....The Fastest Man in the NCAA. and as you can see, he's fast.

    But, he is not the fastest NCAA player, this guy is. A frosh at Auburn.

    He runs a 10.15 (that 10.07 was windy***) Tyreek Hill ran a 10.19. Killings never came anywhere close to that.

    I will say Killings will be the fastest RB in the NFL when he arrives there. But at 185ish pounds he will be a situational player, kick returner.

    *** Bob Hayes won his Olympic 100m gold medal in 10.06 on a shoddy dirt track.
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    My last NCAA post here, a must see.

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    Have to add last nights game to being Historically amazing. We just don't see that sort of thing at the pro level.

    Of course that Georgia Tech 222 Cumberlan 0 game

    Those early 1900's Michigan teams where they scored over 2000 points giving up something like 50.

    That all black Tenn HS that didn't allow any opponet in their territory a whole season, yep, nobody crossed the 50 on them all season.

    Most consecutive shutouts

    52, Bedford County Training School (1942-49)
    To put this streak in perspective, consider Mt. Julietís string of six consecutive shutouts earlier this season. Now multiply that by eight, and youíre still four games short of what Bedford County Training School accomplished from 1942-49. The Tigers also own the record for most consecutive unbeaten seasons (7).

    Has any school team been that dominate at any level of football?
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