The political party I love NOW comes from default. Anyone else and any other party. The red team has shown it’s a scared bunch of wussies. Beholden to unsubstantiated fears made up by a clown. And the blue team screwed up and did not bang the drum of treason hard enough when the orange fool committed treason. The patriotic team became enveloped by a god because the most ignorant of their team drove the bus.

I won’t disagree with where the US is headed with the wealth gap continuing to grow and Biden playing along. But I get the idea.

You already admitted white faces make you more comfortable because of some phantom heirarchy you made up with foolish anecdotes.
You want pure blooded whites to rule. You made that clear. I will take any color who understands democracy. That’s the difference.

You have the last word. I can empathize with your feelings.