Knight hasnít played healthy, meaningful basketball in years and when he did he was one of the worst players in the league. These are facts. Not sure how heís a good backup when he isnít good or healthy or reliable. He doesnít do well off-ball.

And his contract isnít imminently more tradable than Anderson or else a 21-yo lottery pick wouldnít have needed to be included in the deal to trade him.

Chriss has a lot of untapped upside, and can maybe develop into a starting PF who can dunk, shoot a bit, defend.

But the dude is slow instinctually, and boneheaded, which isnít a great fit for fast-paced, off-ball system heíll be playing in where Harden and Paul will need him to identify the gaps in the defense, make a strong move, and either flash or flare for the dunk or three. Heís basically a poor manís Stromile Swift with 33% 3-point upside.

I wanted the Suns to consider Melton mid-1st and again at 31, so, Iím happy.

Anderson is shit, but he shoots, so, Booker/Ayton have more space. That plus a switchable 6-4 tall, 6-8 wingspan All-Pro Defensive guard who showed potential as a league average shooter in SL is a net gain to me.

Suns arenít contending, so, hopefully Anderson shows Bender how to be his 2012-2016 version of himself with better defensive upside.
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