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    all the money in the world canít buy toughness.

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    Get Vince Young out there tbh

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    Maryland's tbh

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    go balls deep for jesus Kermit's Avatar
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    Another waste of a football hire. Going to a ty bar with a wife abuser is the only thing on his record at a Texas that doesnít suck.

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    Sorry Texas fans hate to see the program in it's state but definitely enjoying see Tommy boy squirm under the bright Austin lights

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    Who was it bragging about how they were going to win10 games? He knows the team inside and out. NOBODY...knows Texas football like he does.

    Vito, is this you.....

    The offense is going to be great this year. The defense will show no signs of slipping.

    This team will not go undefeated, but it isn't going to lose very many either. 10-2 or 11-1 is my prediction.

    Dude, what did I tell you, well?

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    Who is soft now?

    I predicted Texas wins 10 games, and guess what, Texas won 10 games. Took Mack Brown 4 seasons to get to 10 wins, TH did it in 2.

    Texas just beat Georgia by being more physical and kicking their ass up front.

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