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    ....starts his NFL career on MNF on the road. Who else has done that, not a trivia question because I don't know.

    While I had to take the Lions in the pick um, I will be rooting for Darnold. I love his demeaner, never too ....anything.

    USC has never really had a "GREAT" NFL QB. Carson Palmer is ok, but it ends there.

    In 2017 the Jets went...1-7 on the road, that..1...beating the Browns 17-14. The Lions no juggernaut at home 4-4. Obviously as of right now the impact Darnold will make is a...? But we do know what Matt Stafford can do, try....99.3 rating/4,446 yards/29/10.....that's studly.

    I put a lot into this but ya really can't use it until around week five.

    Points/scored vs Points/given up 2017.

    Jets a minus 9
    Lions a plus 4

    So....Lions at + 13

    A formula I use.

    There is no reason to back the Jets in this "Spot", but.....we saw the same thing with Buc's vs Saints, so anything can happen.

    If I have a prediction, this would be it.......the mobilty of Darnold will make a huge difference.

    Check out Lawrence Thomas a 285 pound FB out of MSU.


    Would be shocked if the Raiders beat the Rams. I did like Gruden but that....ya die for football...just doesn't work with these guys today.I do expect problems. Knute Rockne would get laughed at today.

    John Riggins was the first 1000 yard rusher for the Jets. And while at HS in Kansas a state 100 yard (as was Jordy Nelson) champ, 9.8. A lighter version.

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    Looks like we have ANOTHER PAC12 QB in the NFL. Yes it's early but......

    Right now...

    Aaron Rodgers Cal
    Jared Goff UCLA
    Andrew Luck Stanford
    Nick Foles Arizona
    Alex Smith Utah

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