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    The city’s median household income last year was $50,044. That’s a decline from 2016, when income was slightly higher at $50,328, a figure adjusted for inflation.

    The statewide median household income jumped from $57,572 in 2016 to $59,206 last year, the data show. That 2016 figure also reflects adjustments for inflation.

    The city’s poverty rate remains higher than Texas’ statewide poverty rate of 14.7 percent.

    “You’re not seeing any real dramatic shifts there,”

    State Demographer Lloyd Potter said of the latest numbers.

    “And I find that a little bit strange ...

    San Antonio’s adding more people than any other city in the country,

    and yet

    we’re barely moving the needle and perhaps moving it backwards slightly.”

    Annual population estimates previously released in May showed San Antonio recorded the biggest raw numeric growth in population among all U.S. cities of 50,000 residents or more.

    The city gained 24,208 residents between July 1, 2016, and July 1, 2017 — an average of 66 people per day.

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    This is a gerand, i.e. a noun made out of a verb, not the verb itself.
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