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    The challenge is gauging how big the market for electric commercial trucks will be, especially outside of China.

    The limited range of most first-generation electric or hydrogen commercial trucks and a lack of charging infrastructure threaten to limit sales to short-haul operations.

    In China, regulators are considering a long-term plan to replace 1 million diesel big rigs with cleaner trucks, including electric models, and some Chinese ports and cities are banning diesel trucks, which could significantly boost sales.

    In the United States, the outlook for electric truck demand is cloudier. Some analysts estimate that by the mid-2020s, U.S. annual electric truck sales may number only in the hundreds. Over the last 12 months, North American diesel and so-called semitruck orders totaled 497,000 units.
    Seems like Tesla has become a great challenge for makers of these huge-sized vehicles, as well as the makers of truck accessories and parts.


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    trust me man, those stake holders involve in the energy sector that has money vested into bigoil/bigcoal dont want tesla/alternative energy to take off...

    they will do whatever it takes to regulate or control the expansion of alternative energy that hurts their pension funds which is heavily vested into existing monopoly providers...

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