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    This. Won't hurt your chances and may make you sell a couple more tickets.

    Pretty sure Don't-Tony didn't want him but Morey thought for the minimum you couldn't pass on him, which is bad reasoning.

    Sure in a vacuum, you got good value for the minimum in Melo, problem is you also get the ego and mentality of a guy who still think he's what he never was and not one of a minimum guy who knows and undertand his place and role. Fucks up your hierarchy and chemistry.

    That's why I don't see any contending team sign him after failing both in OKC and houston to adapt, dude is a cancer. I can see the Fakers pulling the trigger tho

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    They were on a similar pace last season, schedule got tougher and they ended up barely making the playoffs
    I'm not saying that we are going to finish a top 3 team or contend for the WCF or anything. It's very possible this season goes the same way.

    But it's not like we are playing like the damn Suns or Cavaliers or anything.

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    If I was melo, I would consider that the only way I can purify my nba player status is by signing any team with a good coach. How many good coaches who would like to coach and tame Melo left?

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