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    Several trade suggestion articles are pointing to there being a fit with us.

    How do we make it happen?

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    first take away reason and accountability ...

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    Theoretically, this kind of random stuff is what the trade thread on the TT is for.

    However, the Spurs' ability to get Walker decreased immensely when they traded Green in the Leonard deal. They lack a matching expiring contract now outside of Gay, and trading Rudy just makes another hole. The best thing for the Spurs would be to get Charlotte to take Patty's deal. But would require way more value than a non-contender like SA should give up. Even with Walker, the team's defense would be poor. Having Murray back would help that, but they'd still be at least a forward short of having a really strong roster. Given that Patty would take a first and at least another second just to move for nothing, adding Lonnie and both picks might be the cheapest they could get be. Those three assets could gain a ton of value if the team uses them rather than moving them so early.

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