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    Who would win?

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    An All Star The Citadel team would destroy the 2018 Raiders.

    Billy Bob Bodine who was a runner up for the Heisman in 1961 at QB. Once threw a football 96 yards down on one knee.

    Choo Choo Manu at RB, a 4.28 40 at 239 pounds, he grew up bucking hay on his dads farm. Story goes he'd bite heads off chickens when bored. A very bad man.

    Scooter and Comet Reed at WR's, yep, twins. Both 6-6 with glue for hands, they ran the 400 on the track team. Turned down a shot at the Olympics to train for football.

    An offensive line that averaged 365 a man, and they were all related so they had that chemistry.

    Bobo Billings...Manchild Monroe...Cleo "Haku" Stills....Zing Carter

    That would be their D line, all bailed on pro football to go fight in the war, all would have been first round picks.

    Three cousins at linebackers all with 4.4 speed all over 240 pounds. All with police records, all with bipolar.

    Henry "Flypaper" Fabian was the star of the defense at cornerback, he held the school record in the 60/100/200 and was the classic shutdown corner. He had never allowed a pass caught, not in grade school, HS or at The Citadel. He ran track for Jamaica after he graduated.

    Junior Lee the other cornerback, he was the hardest hitter on the D. Known for breaking arms and legs.

    At safety they'd have Cornbread Jenkins and Ebanizer Edmonds, both were missing so many teeth that could only eat soup and oatmeal. They hit everything that moves but were a bit clumsy.

    I cat see The Citadel All Stars 34 the 2018 Raiders 0.
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