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    Anyone calling a stranger a pedo for no reason at all is allowed to post, are you kidding me?

    That would get you banned on every site I've posted on. As would the language here.

    Everybody here running everybody else down is cool?

    What rules do I break?

    BUT......not having any rules is the attraction.

    I post on a board that gets pissed if ya post two posts in a row....Double Posting...they call it.

    Forums out there where you get off the topic of a thread.....three days ban, then 10, then....gone!

    How many posters here would last long anywhere else?
    So why do you think it is, that with all those offenses you listed, that you're the one that get's banned?

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    It's putty you idiot.

    Now, gone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    What I've seen in my life is those with the Christian God in their life are better off than those playing this....bah humbug...bit. I've seen it.

    Personally I have doubts about the Biblical account of how things went, but have no doubts something is responsible for all this. We can go with...God.
    One can still be Christian without claiming individual incidents as God reacting to you.
    Or claimimg knowledge of your prayers that backfire.
    But if you like backing into a corner, keep posting.

    The bold does indeed have some medical evidence. But not just a Christian God.

    We have a fine examples of good Christians on this board. Look to Chris for guidance.
    What was in the bag Walter?

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    Well heck that incident settles it.
    You got God figured out.
    Apparently this ability can be very lucrative.
    You just Joel Olsteened the board.

    You gotta big venue?
    For some reason, when I read your posts I feel like they should rhyme.

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    I logged out when I left for TurkeyDay, knowing I'd be gone for a few days. When I went to log on, I needed to enter JohnnyD/Diamond my password. I don't care much for JohnnyD, prefer JohnnyZ, so...............

    I bet I gained 6-8 pounds, so much food it was crazy. Hell, let me check it out....283 pounds....ouch~~~

    STILL....have pie. Apple, Chocolate, Pumpkin, Lemon (my fav).

    I'll give it this coming week of just slobbing out, then the following week time to hit it and get back down to that tight, sexy, monstrous 275.

    I can't believe I missed LSU vs Tex A&M, sheesh. But, that is not the highest scoring NCAA game ever.

    This goes great with Pumpkin pie.

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