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    MBTF is the front runner for their head coaching job

    Mark Celibate

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    MBTF is my favorite coach moniker ever

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    I had completely forgotten about MBTF.

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    Harris and Gilbert were standing next to each other on the sideline when McCoy
    was knocked out by Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus while running the option on
    Texas’ fifth offensive play in the national championship game. McCoy’s shoulder was
    numb and he couldn’t go back in. The coaches threw Gilbert in because Harris was thirdstring
    all season and third-string players never play or practice.
    “Ughhhh,” Harris let out a long and en led groan of frustration. “The stage!”
    Harris wasn’t surprised the coaches were going with Gilbert, but he wasn’t happy
    about it. As Gilbert trotted onto the field, Harris went to the bench to exchange his helmet
    for his visor. But the coaches told him to hold on to his helmet just in case. There was a
    glimmer of hope that Harris would get his moment.
    Gilbert had the toughest first half a freshman quarterback could have. His first
    completion was to running back Tre’ Newton for minus-4 yards and that was his only
    successful throw. He had two interceptions before halftime, one of which was returned
    for a touchdown by Dareus, giving Alabama a 24-6 lead.
    After the break, Brown told Harris he was going to start the second half.
    “I was like finally,” Harris said. “I’ve been waiting a long time. A long ass time.
    It was my time. I knew all the plays.”
    Helmet in hand, Harris stood in the middle of some ex-Longhorns who now play
    in the NFL on the sideline before the second half started. Vince Young, Aaron Ross,
    Brian Orakpo and Kasey Studdard – all members of the 2005 National Championship
    team – were pumping Harris up. He was ready. Confident. Smiling.
    Right as special teams kicked off, Brown approached Harris while he was still
    surrounded by some of the Longhorns’ all-time greatest players and said, “Hey, we’re
    going to go with Garrett, we don’t want to hurt his confidence.”
    “I was pissed,” Harris said.
    “And VY was like, ‘That’s complete bull****, coach. Why would you even tell him he’s
    going to start.’ And he walked away.
    “Then Aaron Ross was like, ‘I can’t even watch this anymore.’
    “Coach Brown was standing right there and all those players leave.”

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