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    I have my opinion on this, but I keep saying this. The University is there for the education of the youth, not for us old dudes. This to me is something that is up to the student body. This is their school. I know there are lots of Alumni that have invested much to the University and feel they have a say, but to me I would say allow those who are current students decide. Let them make the University their school.

    Keep in mind, I'm related to some of these people whose names appear on buildings and were fighting for the South in the Civil war. I respect them very much, but I'm not vested into the University like the students are. I still don't get why they want to get rid of the Eyes, and I think they need to give a little on some of their demands, however they have a right to make these demands and follow through with them if they want. The University has the right to say no. This is the thing about choices.

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    Texags had Ibraheem penciled in to its class several months ago. Ibraheem, Conner, Harris, Sanders, Davis, Thomas, and Milroe were all takes for aggy and they wanted them. Time to face the facts playblair, Herman is owning Jimbo this cycle and it's not even close. Why they will be taking a low 3* CB from Pennsylvania in a few weeks from losing on Ibraheem.

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