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    I do understand concerns about Zion's arm length as opposed to his wingspan. His wingspan is underwhelming, and a lot of that comes from having a very wide body. His arms are pretty short for a PF. It'll be interesting to see what his standing reach measures out at.

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    Zion had a 40 PER, crazy
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    Big powerful guy, one torn ACL from Anthony Bennett.
    That the pre ACL tear assessment.

    Guys that big who can jump like that feel they should jump like that, even if they don't need to, like on a break away dunk. Just get up as high as you can. The body is taking note. Just ask DRose who also had major hops for his size.

    If he scores (and he will) a major NBA contract, he's set regardless but big men with big hops don't last long. James might be a rare exception.
    I said this .

    Dude already hurt his knee again. Not even 1st RS game yet and he's out weeks.

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    He needs to drop 35lbs. Hard to do in a city like New Orleans tho.

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