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    From the great Scott Locklin. Supersmart Physics PhD with computer science chops who throws cold water on many of the shiny tech advances that we all think are just around the corner because, "Dude. Smartphones!" I also recommend reading his Informational Centipede article that criticizes the way university research departments are basically run by PR firms who blow the supposedly latest "groundbreaking discoveries" into hype filled nonsense so the grant and/or VC money keep flowing. To whittle it down, stop reading Gizmodo, Wired, Verge, and Tech Crunch for informative articles on science and technology.

    I am an empiricist and a phenomenologist. I consider the lack of one error corrected qubit in the history of the human race to be adequate evidence that this is not a serious enough field to justify using the word ‘field.’ Most of it is frankly, a scam. Plenty of time to collect tenure and accolades before people realize this isn’t normative science or much of anything reasonable.

    As I said last year"

    "All you need do is look at history: people had working (digital) computers before Von Neumann and other theorists ever noticed them. We literally have thousands of “engineers” and “scientists” writing software and doing “research” on a machine that nobody knows how to build. People dedicate their careers to a subject which doesn’t exist in the corporeal world. There isn’t a word for this type of intellectual flatulence other than the overloaded term “fraud,” but there should be."

    “Computer scientists” have gotten involved in this chuckwagon. They have added approximately nothing to our knowledge of the subject, and as far as I can tell, their educational backgrounds preclude them ever doing so. “Computer scientists” haven’t had proper didactics in learning quantum mechanics, and virtually none of them have ever done anything as practical as fiddled with an op-amp, built an AM radio or noticed how noise works in the corporeal world.

    Some zingers from the Informational Centipede article:

    Useful journalism about technology is virtually nonexistent in the present day. It is a fact little commented on, but easily understood. In some not too distant past, there were actually competent science and technology journalists who were paid to be good at their jobs. There are still science and technology journalists, but for the most part, there are no competent ones actually investigating things. The wretches we have now mostly assist with press releases. Everyone capable of doing such work well is either too busy, too well paid doing something else, or too cowardly to speak up and notice the emperor has no clothes.

    Consider: there are now 5 PR people for every reporter in America. Reporters are an endangered species. Even the most ethical and well intentioned PR people are supposed to put the happy face on the soap powder, but when they don’t understand a technology, outright deception is inevitable. Modern “reporters” mostly regurgitate what the PR person tells them without any quality control.

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    Journalism on anything is virtually non existent tbqh. Turn on cnn or fox and tell me where journalists are

    And most “professional” occupations are mostly bullshit. You honna tell me an economist really knows what the tuck is going on with world evonomy?

    Even feds at Central Bank dont know shit and just throw shit and hope it sticks. Same is for comouter scientists (when takking about innovation that is)

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