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    National Championship winner
    In final game
    Make playoffs Final Four
    11-2 miss playoffs

    Of course we need more info as the season approaches. Injuries, what not.
    But I would say based on OUs past couple seasons that making the Final Four will happen.
    Rare total screw up by Saban imo. Leaving his pet Tua in no matter what. Ironic since it was his gutsy move of pulling the starter Hurts that gave them the Champ the year before. Should have done the exact same thing vs Clemson at halftime.

    I know this is the Texas Forum but lets hear some reality about OUs chances.

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    they have a weak schedule the only real test is texas

    1 loss or less until playoffs

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    Same as he did at Bama.

    He'll look great against weaker opponents and struggle against blue blood programs.

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    Schedule is cake. OU could potentially run the table depending on if their defense improves or not. Don't think they will be putting up godly offensive numbers though like they have been.

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    I honestly don't see how his game translates to an Air Raid offense. We'll see I guess.

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