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    Should've sunk Mills right then and there before he sunk Spurs' cap situation.

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    That group sunk LeBron's Miami career. Journeyman James been on two teams since.
    The Yoko crew: they broke up the Heatles.
    Spurstalk pathology: if we win in the regular season, it's fools gold. If someone else beats us, we have no chance to beat them in the playoffs.

    "A coach can't change people," Gregg Popovich said before the Spurs obliterated the Nets on New Year's Eve. "They are who they are. No matter what team you're talking about, a coach can be observant and try to put his team in situations both on and off the court where some of that can develop, some of the camaraderie sorts of things. But you can't change people."

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    Gotta put the finals MVP in the picture...

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    Is that pic from 2013 Game 6, tbh?
    I doubt it. The only one that seems to be hurting there is Patty.
    Top 5 SG of all-time

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