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    My seconds are tons better than any firsts. Ask the ladies
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    Trump’s census shenanigans continue while no one’s looking — even after his Supreme Court defeat

    in August, the Census Bureau entered a proposal for a general clearance

    to acquire state administrative records, such as those of recipients of public-assistance programs, into the federal registry.

    Although the bureau already receives some administrative records from states, it has

    complained that the records it receives are stripped of identifiable information.

    With more than a month left open for public comment and consideration on the proposal, the Associated Press reported on Monday that the

    American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators confirmed that nearly every state has recently received additional

    requests from the Census Bureau for information including citizenship status, race, and home address.

    is clearly meant to serve as an end-run of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

    While acquiring citizenship data through a direct inquiry on the census was not ruled illegal — Roberts instead determined that bureau officials were not honest in their answers to the district court —

    collecting citizenship information through the census bureau still presents similar problems.

    Experts warn that many households with undo ented immigrants won’t complete the necessary census forms for fear of retaliation.

    This could ultimately lead to a less accurate headcount, as was feared with a question on the Census itself, and

    deprive cities with large immigrant communities of federal funding and representation.

    The census serves as the basis for reapportioning seats in the House of Representatives every 10 years as well as for the distribution of social spending.

    “The result is going to be fairly similar to including the citizen question directly on the census form,”

    It is not difficult to imagine how sharing state motor vehicle records with the federal government can increase the amount of uninsured and unregistered drivers on the road.

    “the fear engendered by the administration’s immigration policies will make the job of census workers difficult in primarily immigrant neighborhoods, regardless of whether or not the citizenship question is added.”

    “If you don’t participate in the census, Trump wins,” said Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, a Democrat.

    Florida and Texas, have seen efforts to bulk up community outreach stymied by Republicans in the state’s legislatures.

    red states are criminalizing people who assist, enroll, transport voters

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    The Hofeller trove exposes GOP lies to to the court:

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