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    Cowboys/Seahawks/Chiefs/Browns WC

    Will you people do me a favor? Don't freak out over anything before Turkeyday, ok? Give things some time, ok? Watching this week to week ....THEY SUCK (make playoffs) annoying.

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    Saints are regressing this year.

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    Saints are regressing this year.
    They've improved from last season to this season like they did from the previous season to last year, but the rest of the division will be tough as well assuming they stay healthy. No easy games in the NFC South.

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    stfu avante

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    Saints are regressing this year.
    According to LINDY;s FOOTBALL mgazine the Saints will rep the NFC in The SB vs Chargers.

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    Saints are regressing this year.

    yup they regressed hard the last few weeks last year and with fair officiating would have lost to philly in the playoffs. breesus might give them a good effort the first half of the year but he wasn't anything special after that..

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