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    Hill doesn’t rape the kid after he breaks its arm.

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    Yet ANOTHER stupid SFS thread, sheesh~~~~~~~~~~

    But, no need to waste the space.

    Here is the All Time NFL/WR 100m
    (there have been some who were just an experiment like Olympic champs Jim Hines/Tommie Smith. I really can't count them)



    1.Jacoby Ford Raiders/Clemson 10.01
    2.Mel Gray Cards/Missouri 9.2
    3.Cliff Branch Raiders/Colorado 9.2
    4.Bob Hayes Cowboys/Florida A&M WR9.1/10.06/Olympic gold
    5.Ron Brown Rams/ASU 10.06 Olympian
    6.Willie Gault Bears/Tenn 10.10 Tenn
    7.Willie McGee Chargers/Alcorn WR9.1
    8.Sam Graddy Broncos/Tenn 10.09 Olympian


    1.Tyreek Hill Chiefs/Oklahoma St 10.19.......but...this guy ran that in HS, he was far faster by the time he got to the NFL.
    2.J.D.Hill Bills/ASU 9.3
    3.Sammie Parker Chiefs/Oregon 10.17
    4.James Jett Raiders/WV 10.16 Olympian
    5.Johnny Jones Jets/Texas 10.2? Olympian
    6.Homer Jones Giants/Texas Southern 9.3*****
    7.Don Hutson Packers/Alabama....his 9.8 in the 30's would be on a par with a 9.3, and....he was far faster than any white cornerbacks.
    8Isacc Curtis Bengals/Cal 9.3

    ***** Jones beat Bob Hayes in an NAIA 200M
    First player on MNF to run back a KO to score
    Here we have E DADDY, yep....first player to ever e the ball.

    I can't totally ignore Randy Moss, as we know he was better than anyone mentioned above he just didn't have any track credentials other than one indoor season season at Marshall. I would guess he had.....10.25 jets at least.
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    We are told that Bullet Bob Hayes changed the way the game was played, he was why we have the prevent defense.


    In the early 50's Loyola had the NCAA 100 yard champ Bob Boyd, he was a 9.6 cat, now in the early 50's the 100 yard WR was 9.3. So Boyd was about as fast as it got and he would become a WR for the Rams.

    In the early 50's we had white cornerbacks who couldn't break 11.00 for a 100 yards. So.....I do think Bob Boyd was the first real speed king at WR.

    If not Don Hutson.

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    Hill didn't clearly forget his password

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    One is slow and old, the other isn't

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    One is slow and old, the other isn't
    Can still motor at 70.

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