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    still rocking my sony 40 inch i bought 8 years ago. 1080p

    That thing is as thin as most led tvs.

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    I made the jump from CRT to LCD around 2010, i vividly remember i was playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on my 360 at the time and it blew my mind all the detail in the buildings, Ezio's outfit etc. that i couldn't see before on the ol' brick.
    Standard consumer level CRT is only 240p, so of course. But the argument for CRTs is that they display 240p content (retro games) much better and much smoother than LCDs since LCDs have to upscale the resolution, which introduces artifacts and lag. HD CRTs do exist, but are expensive. Another option is a CRT computer monitor (which have resolutions all the way up to 1440p). I don't think any LCD (including 4K OLED) will best a quality 1440p CRT computer monitor in image quality, from handling non-native resolutions to color to motion. Drawbacks are you can't get a 60" CRT if big screen sizes are important to you. Not to mention their comparative weight and bulk.

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