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    Alaa Abdeldaiem 5 hrs ago

    A Chiefs fan has been fined $500 for shining a laser pointer at Tom Brady during this year's AFC championship, TMZ Sports reported on Wednesday.
    According to the outlet, Dwyan Morgan, 64, was charged with disturbing the peace for using a green laser pointer to distract Brady at Arrowhead Stadium during the fourth quarter of the game in January.
    Morgan pleaded guilty and avoided jail time, instead opting to pay the fine. Had he been convicted, Morgan could have faced a year in jail in addition to a $1,000 fine.
    In January, Kansas City television station KMBC reported that a green dot was spotted on Brady's upper body and face at least three different times during the game, including Brady's handoff to Sony Michel with eight minutes left in the game. On the next play, Brady was intercepted by Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen.
    The Chiefs used the video and witness accounts to identify Morgan as the fan who had the laser pointer. The team banned him from Arrowhead Stadium for life.
    The Patriots won the game 3731 in overtime and went on to defeat the Los Angeles Rams 133 in Super Bowl LIII.

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    Only a $500 fine.

    I would think the layser to the eye could phuck up Toms vision.

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    Yeah those people who point laser pens should serve hard time tbh some even go out of their way to blind pilots in the air. They are malicious and dangerous.

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