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    .........57th season of NFL football. I think the first game I ever saw or remember was Giants vs Bears in 1962, never forget the impact number 28 Willie Galimore made on me that day, the guy was amazing.

    This will be the best I ever saw play.

    QB....Tom Brady
    FB....Jim Brown
    RB....Barry Sanders
    WR....Jerry Rice
    TE.....Tony Gonzales
    OL.....Larry Allen

    DL...Reggie White
    LB...Lawrence Taylor
    Corner....Deion Sanders
    Safety....Rod Woodson

    Best team....85 Bears

    Best coach....Bill Belichick

    Best kick returner....Devin Hester

    Best game.....Jets beating the Colts in SBIII, this was huge, massive and it was guaranteed.

    Most over rated player....Lynn Swann

    Fastest player....Bullet Bob Hayes

    Biggest disappointment....When my Niners let Joe Montana go, yep, broke my heart. I get a lip quiver thinking about it now.

    Most underrated player.....John Jefferson.....this guy was amazing but who knows about him today?

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    Why Brady? You highly appreciate ability to extend plays and rush for extra yards.

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    Why Brady? You highly appreciate ability to extend plays and rush for extra yards.

    Longevity at the top to begin with, then that ability to move an offense. He just knows how to put the ball where it should go. A fantastic leader also.

    I never thought I'd ever see anyone better than Joe Montana and it did take a long time before I simply had to give in and get that Brady was finally THE GOAT.
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    When I first got into pro football the top RB's per team.

    Niners....J.D.Smith a converted DB out of NCA&T, he is the first HBCUer to have a 1000 yard NFL season.
    Rams..... Bass, my cousins husband played with him at Vallejo HS.
    Vikings....Tommy Mason a white cat out of Tulane.
    Bears...Rick Casares at FB and Willie Galimore at RB, the perfect combo of power and speed.
    Lions...Nick Pietrasonte a big thumper out of Notre Dame
    Cowboys...Don Perkins a slasher out of New Mexico
    Eagles...Tim Brown out of Ball State, a multi talented cat, he did it all.
    Redskins...Don Bosseler a banger.
    Colts....Lenny Moore, the first great pass catching RB, a HOFer
    Steelers....John Henry Johnson....the third best RB (actually a FB) he was a load, in the HOF.
    Packers....Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung both in the HOF. Taylor one of the best white ball carriers ever.
    Browns....Jim Brown THE GOAT
    Cards...John David Crow a Heisman winner at Texas A&M.
    Giants....Frank Gifford....also a multi talented guy, a HOFer.


    Raiders....Clem Daneils a converted DB out of Prarie View, their first 1000 yard rusher.
    Chargers....Paul Lowe and Keith Lincoln, the best combo in the AFL.
    Texans/Chiefs....Abner Haynes the first "star" in the league, cat could do it all.
    Broncos...Billy Joe a 250 pound thumper out of Villanova.
    Oilers....Charlie Tolar all 5-5 of him, he was called The Anvil, their first 1000 yard rusher
    Bills...Cookie Gilchrist the best FB in the league, first AFLer to have a 1000 yard season. Came from the CFL, no college ball.
    Patriots...Larry Garron out of Western Illionis.
    ans/Jets...Mark Smolinski slow and white.
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