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    Can someone translate that gibberish?
    I was thinking the same. Anyone who writes like that is probably a rapist piece of .

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    I mean the dude literally came out and admitted he sexually assaulted her. He just called her a nobody who failed at being a gold digging in the process. I'm not even sure how tf you get consent to jack off on somebodys back while they are turned away from you watching tv tbh. Seems like a weird conversation

    Ho: Antonio can I watch the price is right on your tv? It's my favorite show.
    Brown: Yeah go for it
    Ho: Thanks for letting a non gym owning nobody like me watch tv Antonio. You're the best.
    Brown: No problem sweetie. Can I get you anything? Some cookies? Chips and salsa? How about some on your back?

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    Per seemingly knowledgeable black chick guest on NFL Live:

    Paying her off might not make it go away because then the NFL (specifically Goodell LOL) still has all the power to decide what was/is "conduct determental to the league."

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    ^ says accuser has indicated she has much more to come out. Which it will in both "discovery" and trial if Brown does as he claims and fights this all the way to trial.

    Sure seems like her settlement $$$ is gonna go way up.

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