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    Hey...look who is online. Don't ignore me mother er. You have less than a week. Give me your answer or your wife and everyone else gets all the you have done here.
    Curious as to what you think is so bad. Yep, not 6-2 275 pounds of twisted railroad steel, which will get a chuckle. So just what are you talking about?


    Disgusted with what went on over there in my navy days
    Can, track, football. my 60's
    Yep....Niner fan

    So what is.....what you have done here?

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    NBA Team
    Boston Celtics
    Wow this guy has it bad.....

    Originally Posted by benefactor
    I've owned Larry repeatedly. All I'm doing is putting another notch on the belt. I've challenged him and watch him run like a coward. I've had him pinked. I've exposed his whole family to this forum. I've turned him into the the ass end of every joke in this place. All you have is a bunch of try hard bull that makes you look dumb. You're a nobody. An annoying buzzing dismissed with a hand wave. Your shtick has been done time and time again...just look at your late night rides on the Chumpdumper bull. Dozens of posters have done that before you. Nothing about who you are is original or funny. Like I said, you're a nobody with nobody shtick. Now reply with more unoriginal no one cares about.

    Show that to anybody and the fact this guy has some real problems will be very obvious.

    He talked about how I need to be killed along with 3/4 others, called Bob McNair mames, called Andre Johnson a got, now........a notch in my belt......because this freak takes this SERIOUS and nobody else does.

    Wow, what a mess.

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