Hmmm. My gut still says Warren. First few grumblings out of Iowa point that way.

it will be, at the very least Not Biden.
yep. Liz has both the fire and the ideas, the elocution to deliver, that none of the other milquetoasts have, except maybe Bernie.

Americans stupidly would rather continue safely to be FUCKED by the oligarchy and Capitalism than try something "dangerously" different.

I think the DNC and its $100Ms will be too powerful to overcome.

Even if a progressive wins the Dem nomination,

the DNC/establishment would not push hard for the progressive to win since their own power would be at risk.

Dem establishment would rather have Trash win again than lose their own power and privileges to progressives.

America is fucked and unfuckable.

btw, Liz's CFPB, before the Repugs gutted it, cost Wall ST $11B, so Wall St will spend $100Ms, $Bs, to keep Liz out of power.