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    What would happen if trump says 25 billion for wall fund
    5 billion for gunviolence ?
    There are roughly 312 million people in the United States. There are Roughly 357 million guns. There are Approximately 32,000 deaths per year from firearms. 60% are Suicides. That is 19,220 3% are Accidental. That is 960. 4% are justified. That is 1,200 33% are Homicides. That is 10,560. 80% of those Homicides are Gang related. That is 8,488. That leaves 1,713 in a society of 312 million people. That gives you a 0.010256410256% chance of death by gun. A 0.008564% chance if you don't hang out in the hood not planning a crime and not planning on committing suicide. The United States Does Not have a Gun problem.

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    Fireside chat with ducks

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