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    Seeing that Prescott thinks he is worth more.

    Comparing just their first three seasons here. When it comes to accomplishments it's not close, Wilson a couple SB's, pro bowls, far more respect from fellow players.

    When it comes to just stats it is far closer than I thought it would be.

    Wilson has 72td's, Prescott 67, Wilson 26int, Prescott 25.

    Wilson far more rushing yards with over 1800 yards, Prescott less than 1000.

    Comp% is close but Prescott a slight edge and he has more yards.

    When it comes to passer rating.


    101.2......only QB in history to start out with consecutive 100 ratings to start a career.



    Obviously all Wilson there.

    Also an obvious is Dak always had a vastly superior offensive line. While Wilson is running for his life.

    No doubt asking for 40 is yard sale mentality, ask five expecting to get three.

    I do see Wilson, Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Big Ben, Luck, Ryan, Mahomes, Rivers, Stafford, on another level and maybe Wentz. So the guy needs to be paid like a second level talent.

    There is no QB in NFL history but Russell Wilson who had a 100 passer rating after their first 7 seasons, had won a SB and had three times more TD's than INT'S. Wilson is all alone with that. AND.....was the highest paid player in the NFL.
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    Wilson > Dak c'mon now

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    Wilson > Dak c'mon now
    Only bringing it up to point out how ridiculous is for Dak to be talking better $$$$$ than Russell Wilson.

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    I was going to add Cam Newtons first threes seasons vs those two, but.....not even close, he doesn't belong.

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    Compare Tom Brady after seven seasons vs Wilson, it's all Russell Wilson.

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    I get internet mentality and how it works. don't want to look totally stupid either.

    How could anyone who has seen Wilson play not see it? And, he's never had that Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, etc.

    I have said this numerous times and nobody has ever took me me up on it.

    Look at what Wilson has done all things considered in his first seven seasons vs anyone else. who did a better job if talking everything? Come on who did it better and he has never sat on a bench, he walked right in and took over.

    Right now he is the only player in history to own a 100 passer rating for a seven season career. of the very few to have three times more TD's than INT;s.

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    Not looking to clutter the board.

    Imagine Tyreek Hill a 4.2 guy, Sammy Watkins a 4.3 line up outside and this guy in the slot.

    He runs a 4.33.

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