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    i can see both sides. if it's an open gym where winner keeps the court and you know you'll have to wait awhile to play again if you lose, yeah that do whatever to win. double team, hand check, etc.

    But I'm assuming since these guys are pros, the gym was closed off and they could just run it back over and over. If so, yeah then double teaming is weak. When else are you going to work on your defensive game and what better time than when you're guarding one of the best scorers in the NBA in a meaningless game? Pickup should be about getting better, not trying to win every game at the expense of working on your weaknesses. Like I said, the only exception is when there's a line out the ass and you need to hold down the court, but that's likely not the case here
    I see both sides but you lost me at the end. You always play to win. Sure I get the idea of wanting to work on your own game, butif that is the case you recruit the best defensive player you can find and you work on it individually. Book can't control the opposing team in a pickup game... What he should have done is challenged the guy defending him and clowned him for needing help instead of chiding Joakim for helping. . If I'm Noah I respond same way too .

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    he's come a long way tbh

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    I'm going to have to agree with Noah, however, a friend of mine sides with Booker saying "I agree with Booker. These practices are not trying to simulate game conditions. Each player has a unique reason to participate. During a game the goal is to win."

    Where do you stand?

    This why the NBA got soft as Charmin.

    Today's ref calls a foul on that first guy for putting hands, tbh.

    Look how he's getting leveraged so easy; sh** lower body strength.

    Dude ain't getting 40's against real defense.

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