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    The Electoral College was the land-owning, slave-owning, wealthy FFs plan to override the popular vote if the popular vote elected somebody the FFs didn't like.

    The FFs were terrified of The People, which was only white men, since women, Indians, blacks were denied the vote.

    All WHITE Men are created equal.
    Boiled down:::

    Trump President.
    Not Gore.
    Not Clinton.

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    Getting rid of the electoral college will guarantee the country splitting tbh.

    The NYT just did a piece highlighting how California is trying to infuse leftist propaganda in their education curriculum. Thankfully the electoral college offers some protection to this.
    OP wasn't even talking about taking away the electoral college. it was about preventing rogue electors from breaching the will of the voters. i mean, the electoral college already dilutes democracy. having electors ignore the state's voters and doing as they please is only a further dilution, that i can't imagine why anybody would be ok with.

    even if we were to agree that the EC is the ideal way to go about it, with each state casting their own votes, what kind of sense does it make if the people of colorado vote for trump, but some of colorado's electoral college votes go to his democrat opponent because some of the electors just felt like doing so?

    this just reeks of "well the libs feel one way, so naturally i have to feel the other way"

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    ^^^Nathan89 cheering on the fragmentation of the USA and racist ethnonationalism, what a patriot!
    That's your narrative.

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    That's your narrative.
    Me pointing out that you keep bringing it up isn't a narrative, it's me pointing at yours.

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