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    Whoa. One week before the season. Most shocking retirement since Barry Sanders in 1999.

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    Read he told the colts he was thinking about it 2weeks ago
    There are roughly 312 million people in the United States. There are Roughly 357 million guns. There are Approximately 32,000 deaths per year from firearms. 60% are Suicides. That is 19,220 3% are Accidental. That is 960. 4% are justified. That is 1,200 33% are Homicides. That is 10,560. 80% of those Homicides are Gang related. That is 8,488. That leaves 1,713 in a society of 312 million people. That gives you a 0.010256410256% chance of death by gun. A 0.008564% chance if you don't hang out in the hood not planning a crime and not planning on committing suicide. The United States Does Not have a Gun problem.

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    Colts could get Justin herbert next year because this year will obviously be a lost cause if Brissett is the QB1. Or they can get desperate and trade a 1st and 3rd to the Cowboys for Prescott, which I would gladly accept as a Cowboy homer.

    2019 Goals:

    -$125,000 or Greater W2 Income <---- Completed!!! $150K as of 9/13/19. Can I get a hell yeah?!? #HappyPayday
    -Move out of Texas
    -Gain at least 10 pounds of muscle and weigh >135 <---- 132 pounds as of Aug. 2019
    -Find a new serious girl
    -Don't die


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