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    There is no denying Serena’s incredible talent. But she does have a bad at ude at times. She was particularly cruel to Naomi Osaka just last year, and a number of years back, she actually threatened a judge.

    How do these episodes make you feel about Serena as a person? Are these incidents indicative of a major character flaw, or are they scattered episodes of high stress in the career of an otherwise gracious athlete?

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    I think she is entilted and has an enormous ego from ESPN/Nike and liberal wing of society

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    Serena is an en led, spoiled person. It's no surprise really. All her life she has had it her way. She never had to deal with real adversity ever in her life. She's one of the most priviliged persons in Planet Earth, yet she likes to play the role of a victim. And the media likes to indulge her.

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    Coco Gauff slams Roger Federer, Serena Williams’s tournament scheduling difference:

    “I remember when I was younger and I would be confused as to why I would always see Roger Federer play? They put Serena Williams and Venus Williams on the show courts sometimes, but not another woman who’s won a Grand Slam.”

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    She is a mother!

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