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    You really have to ignore advanced stats completely to justify DeRozan. His on court/off court numbers have been in the negative 9 out of his 10 regular seasons, and in the negative in all 6 of his playoff appearances. His negative playoff numbers in last year's playoff were atrocious, easily the worst on the team, and that was in a really close 7 game series that was tied with a minute to go in game 7. It's pretty clearly established that he's a career-long team net negative player. I've seen statistical glitches and anomalies before, but 16 negative results out of 17 situations over the course of a decade is clear evidence that he's nowhere near a max player, and probably shouldn't even be a starter.

    DeRozan has been playing next to Aldridge+Poetl with the solely help of Forbes as a shooter. That has been probably the real reason for the spacing problem in the starting unit. Pop decided to play two bigs in order to at least guarantee one of them would protect the rim and secure the rebound. DeMarr had to find spaces for dribbling and scoring/assisting surrounded by Jakob and Aldridge. Maybe Murray's contribution in defense and rebound allows Pop to introduce Gay/Liles into the starting five, balancing the second unit with Poetl and, by the way, providing White a p&r partner. Last season, DeRozan + screener + shooters (Bertans, Mills, Forbes, Belinelli) units produced great offense, they lacked defense though. Hopefully Popovich can put toghether two balanced units, distributing equally defensive and offensive players.
    This explanation only helps reinforce what DeRozan's shortcomings are. He can't be grouped with certain line ups because his non-shooting hurts the spacing, but he also can't be grouped with other better spaced line ups because his defense is poor. A max contract guy shouldn't have so many shortcomings that grouping him with four other players on the court is this difficult.

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    I agree that a max player should be easier to build around, but the issue is the spurs spending a bit too much of role players that are not 3&D. A young players Murray/White/Walker are not shooters or good shooters (yet*). So I get the point to trade DD for a plus defender who can shoot at the 3, then let Murray/White/Walker create. Unfortunately I think this would be a sideways move.

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    Best strategy? Let him not sign him to an extension...use the money to get better players.

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    Jaylen Brown is a pipe dream. Boston is struggling to contend, in spite of pulling off one of the greatest NBA heists in history by fleecing the Nets. They signed a player who immediately got seriously injured, and already lost one player that they dumped multiple first rounders to obtain, for NOTHING. Jaylen will be restricted, and they will NOT let another piece of that trade walk for nothing.

    The reaction to the Yahoo report that Boston Celtics swingman Jaylen Brown had turned down a four-year, $80 million offer from the franchise was a lot of laughs and you must be crazy tweets.

    Brown appeared to be a frustrated figure during parts of last NBA season as the Celtics kept changing rotations and line-ups to find a way to get the best from their talents.
    Playing for Gregg Popovich, Iíll do that any day of the week."
    For the most part, players hold Popovich in high regard.
    Considering he commands respect in the basketball world, a lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame and puts players first in his system, it is no wonder Brown would want to play for Popovich.

    Team USA head coach Gregg Popovich is a big fan of Boston Celtics small forward Jaylen Brown.
    After finishing with 11 points, four rebounds and four assists in Team USAís win over Brazil on Monday, Brown drew high praise from the legendary San Antonio Spurs coach.
    "Heís a strong player," Popovich said of Brown, via Joe Vardon of The Athletic. "For his size and strength, he moves well and he will penetrate. He can catch and pull it. Get to the rim. And heís unselfish and finding other people. Heís just kind of an all-around player. He has stepped in and given us good minutes at both ends of the floor for sure."
    "So I grew up playing all positions and getting back to that with Coach Pop is just like coming back into myself."
    Brown added Popovich has already helped him improve.
    "Being physical on the rebounds. Pop is being honest with me," Brown said.
    "I'm trying to let all my flaws come out now as we have some of the best coaches to ever coach in this gym so I can get the right direction I need."
    Popovichís nightly team dinners have further helped the Celtics grow closer.
    "Even guys I've been playing with for two, three years I'm learning more about them," Brown said.
    "When you are outside your comfort zone, halfway across the world, you see things come out of people that you never expect over a glass of wine."
    If the Celtics beat the Spurs during the NBA season and Brown is showing the fruits of his work with Team USA, he knows Popovich won't regret helping him this campaign.
    "I don't think he's going to regret it," Brown said.

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