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    kurt angle/jack swagger/brock lesnar/batista/bobby lashley/jason jordan/chad gable/angelo dawkins..........& many many more wrestlers have legit ameture wrestling backgrounds but chose the wwe route over ufc...........for comparison cejudo chose ufc over wwe & look how dominate he has been.........wwe takes a toll on your body so when you finally make the transition your body is beaten & broken down

    quote from a former ufc fighter who joined wwe
    I did MMA for 5 years before going to wrestling school for just 6 months. In 6 months of training I did faaaaar more damage to my body then all 5 years of mma.
    Muay Thai and Boxing, coupled with wrestling does a lot of damage. But pro wrestling is on a different level.
    The first time someone takes a small bump in the ring and they realize how hard the floor is, it changes your entire prospective

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    Sounds like wrestlers are just dumber, in that case, if it's so much harder and you don't get any actual bragging rights at the end of the day.

    Being a wrestler doesn't mean you have a chin.

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