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    "Twixt 3 & 4"

    They'd been "arguing" about $ as they were apt to do. At a much earlier time the back & forth was for certain & intended.

    He'd not made their fortune.
    She'd judged her husband that he would.

    Fortune made he could & would never get past the Crash & subsequent conflagration as '29 turned into a decade of suffering the magnitude quite immeasurable. He'd tried to explain his belief & fear, but, she did not understand. She'd been born to unaffected privilege. "Doll, you worry too much."

    "Kay." But, she'd walked away. The stores patiently waiting her arrival, their checkbook in her handbag.


    "Buddy-boy, what's the matter?" Ed queried his owner as he entered their shared space of home & work.

    Wilbur had been crying.

    "Addison, he is dead."

    Ed only knew death in the abstract of production parameters & entertainment value. This, this was not that.

    "I'm sorry, Wilbur. What happened?"

    Ed's tone caused Wilbur to stagger a bit. He'd expected different, a side of himself, a side he did not care for believed Ed would slough it off with a joke about a "vinegar puss."

    Ed knew.

    "He was sitting with Kay, Ed, & fell over on the couch. He's gone. He's just gone."


    "Wilbur." His wife softly knocked on the barn door, hesitated a heart beat as directed & entered.


    He pushed the lower doors to Ed's stable closed, the latch striking softly & allowed his wife to take him into her arms.

    "I was just explaining to E...I was just..."

    "It's okay, baby." The cascade of tears came then to both man & horse as Ed lowered his mane so his Master's wife would not see.

    The End

    This short story is dedicated to "Addison" who passed away twixt Season 3 & Season 4 on 26 August 1963.

    - Dale Robinson

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    Yep. This is the ideal time for you to log your prose.
    No one's going to mess with you during mourning.

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    Boiled down::::

    Kobe: dead
    the tired old bag Duncan: alive and well

    Let us proceed...................

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    - Dale Robinson
    He stole a quick glance out of the corner of his eye. His daughter all smiles. This never failed to cheer him up. Even though it'd been years since the incident, he couldn't go a day without getting "the look" from someone. Usually a woman. Usually some that had no idea what he sacrificed to get where he was. It weighed on him.

    But these moments with his daughter. These were moments he could get away. The short jaunts he made between doing grander things. He heard her giggle and his heart warmed once again. No doubt something silly on her Snapchat. But he didn't care. He'd enjoy this time in heaven no matter how short. He leaned back, closed his eyes, and smiled and the helicopter blades sent him to sleep.
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